Friday Finds – November 16, 2007

Cara’s Finds

What a card. Holiday photo cards are cooler than ever this year. Like this one from PhotoWorks that turns into an ornament. And both Shutterfly and the Kodak Gallery have new, cool designs. Looks like I won’t have a tough time topping last year’s holiday card after all.
For thinking moms who don’t have time to think. Mom Logic is a new online destination for moms, offering everything from entertainment news to advice. And how cool is this… they’ve mentioned WMAG a couple time on their best of the today’s mom blogs feature!

Susan’s Finds
Hey good lookin’, whatcha got cookin’? How about something healthy? SparkPeople, a popular diet website, recently launched SparkRecipes to share healthy recipes from its community of 1 million members. The site also offers a free recipe calculator to analyze the nutritional values of your favorite recipes.

Take your dream job for a test drive. Thinking about a career change? Before you make the big switch, all willy nilly-like, consider trying on the new job for size with a VocationVacation. You pay to get paired up with a mentor who’s already an expert in the field of your choice, spend a few days on the job with them, and decide if you want to pursue it. That includes alpaca ranchers, chocolatiers, jewelry designers, pro wrestling ring announcers, and wine sommeliers. Funny, I didn’t see advertising copywriter on the list … maybe I should sign up to be someone’s mentor?

Cruise through some interesting blog posts this week. Who knew how cool Vanessa Williams was? Not me, ’til I read this ModernMom Q&A with the former Miss America, Ugly Betty star, and Working Mom Against Guilt. …Ever wonder how TV producers have handled pregnant stars over the years? Stroll down memory lane with the Mental Floss Confessions of a TV-holic blogger’s account of preggo stars on hit TV shows, from I Love Lucy to The Nanny. …How will we look back on ourselves as parents? I found Giftie Etcetera’s self-evaluation of her parenting choices quite refreshing and enlightening. I wonder how I’ll measure myself in a few years.

Tela’s Finds
Have you seen the Amazon Consumer’s Vote program thingie? It’s pretty cool. You vote on a series three items you’d want at a discounted price, and then you can get it for the special price, if you voted for it, but only on certain days. Uh, Amazon explains it much better. This WMAG is tired. But check it out, it’s pretty cool.
Babies love to dance. So, Babies Love Disco is a pretty darn cool idea, in fact we wrote about it before. Now, there’s some talk on the boards to get it in the ‘Nati, but if you live in one of the areas that already has this super-cool baby club, let us know if you’ve gone, and if it’s cool (and worth the $$). It looks cool.

3 thoughts on “Friday Finds – November 16, 2007

  1. just4ofus says:

    Oh yeah, I am logging into Amazon at 12am on Thanksgiving night.
    I want that Wii for $79.
    Very cool Tela.. thanks for the tip!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Another good cheap source of holiday cards (including photo ones) is VistaPrint. Check it out!

  3. Mommy Bits says:

    I love ordering personalized Christmas cards online. The only time I’ve ever been disappointed is when I ordered them from Snapfish a couple of years ago. While I love their services for ordering photos, I was disappointed when my Christmas cards showed up and were printed on photo paper, instead of card stock.

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