Friday Finds – November 2, 2007

Cara’s Finds

Doggie Leia and Vader. I didn’t find much of anything to share this week–except for this video. It just made my morning. They’re not amused!

Tela’s Finds

For those in the ‘Nati proper, check out the Design Within Reach warehouse sale this weekend for some pretty sweet deals on pretty sweet furniture. Here’s a coupon for even more savings.

This might only be a funny for those in the ad/marketing world, but oh how funny it is. The video is mighty long, however, for my attention span anyway. If you watch the first few seconds, you get the point and a smile. (Thanks to this week’s guest blogger Marla for sharing!)

Improve your vocabulary and feed the hungry–all at the same time. It’s easy at

If you’re still feeling charitable, help kids get some shoes. For every pair of shoes you purchase at, they’ll donate a pair to a kid in need.

Susan’s Finds

Discover what’s hot in the Momosphere with a Digg-like site called Mom Blog Network. Launched recently by the folks who do MothersClick, it’s “the world’s first site developed exclusively to showcase the ever-growing community of mom bloggers.” Do your part: Rate and add your faves (hint, hint).

Gear up for holiday entertaining. Kraft just launched a new Holiday How-to Center to help you impress your guests this season. Get recipes and menus, decorating tips, instructional videos, and more.

Tiny laptop, tiny price. Because my hubby reviews laptops for a living, I got the inside scoop on a new laptop that seems perfect for working moms. The brand-new Asus Eee PC 701 4G costs around $400, is small enough to fit in your purse (unless you’re one of those tiny-purse people), and covers the basics (Word, email, Web, etc.) quite well. You might want to check it out for your on-the-go computing needs.

3 thoughts on “Friday Finds – November 2, 2007

  1. Anonymous says:

    That $400 Eee PC actually looks like the perfect computer for my son. He wants a MacBook to take to school, but there’s no way I’m buying a $1,000 laptop for a 6th grader to carry in his backpack.

  2. Yep, I should have mentioned it’s a great option for kids, too.

  3. Those Darth Vader and Princess Leia doggies are so cute! I feel sad for them, though. There’s no way I’d let my kid have that $400 laptop … I want one!

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