Friday Finds – November 6, 2009

Sara’s Finds

— It’s always a “find” when you discover somebody who can make you look great, even when you’ve just had a baby. As readers may already know (and are probably sick of hearing), I’ve got a book coming out in the next year or so, and I needed a good photo to go on my dust cover. I turned to Sarah Diebold, who not only got some awesome shots but also managed to airbrush out the dark under-eye circles and other signs of post-baby fatigue. Here’s one of the shots I’m thinking of giving to my publishing house. Cincinnati-area authors, if you’re looking for a good head shot, check Sarah out!

— My husband and I were both hard at work on our respective computers the other night, when he started cracking up. Turns out he’d just discovered, where you can watch regular people doing stupid stuff. Sort of like the Darwin awards, except nobody dies. (Though I sort of wonder whether anybody made it out of that forklift accident alive…)

Susan’s Finds

The Stork Has Arrived: Need a fast, free way to announce the birth of a new baby? BabyCenter now has online birth announcements. They’re really cute and only take about a minute to create.

New Mom Blogger Book: Some of our favorite bloggers contributed essays to the new book See Mom Run: Side-Splitting Essays from the World’s Most Harried Blogging Moms, edited by Role Mommy Beth Feldman. Get more details about the book launch tour and see videos of moms’ “most harried moments” (of those, I’ve had a few) at the Role Mommy site.

Free Access to Sitters and More: Today through Sunday, is having another “free weekend,” when you can gain access to full profiles for nearby care providers, contact them directly to set up interviews, check references, and request background checks for free. In addition to babysitters and nannies, also has in its database senior caregivers, special needs care providers, tutors, pet sitters, and housekeepers.

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