Friday Finds – November 9, 2007

Cara’s Finds
Make hand-washing fun. Since cold and flu season is here, I wanted to make sure my kids were doing a better job at washing their hands. So yesterday I bought SquidSoap. SquidSoap by Airborne stamps a red dot on the palm of your child’s hand as he or she pushes down on the pump. It takes 20 seconds of hand-washing to remove the stamp. So far, it’s a hit with the kids. And I’m happy, too. UPDATE: After closer observation, it turns out it takes my kids about 2 seconds to wash the stamp off. Sheesh! Not wasting my money on again on this. 

Susan’s Finds
The nine lives of Cincinnati’s only jazz club. For my fellow jazz fans in the Nati, you’ll be happy to know the Blue Wisp Jazz Club will live on. Since the longtime owner died last year, the Wisp’s future has been in limbo. But now, a group of local business folks have bought it and plan to keep this swinging club open. All I can say is, thank you. The Nati is a better place for it.

Keep up with the life and times of Hollywood mamas. ModernMom just launched a new blog called Mommywood. This week, it featured famous moms (and moms-to-be) Keri Russell, J. Lo, Cate Blanchett, and Julia Roberts. And if you can’t get enough, also check out Celebrity Baby Blog. Personally, I get my fill while waiting in line at the grocery store.

Techie talk for working moms. Shameless plug alert: interviewed yours truly for an article about how working moms use technology. They also talked to our blog pal Amy Sandoval of Work It! A Blog for Working Moms. Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds – November 9, 2007

  1. I found that squid soap the store and Corey grabbed it! He definitely wanted it. But I put it back when he wasn’t looking because of the price 🙁

  2. Love the article. I love my laptop too. It’s my ‘little lamb.’ and goes where I go. Don’t have a blackberry yet. These sure make working from home also so much easier.

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