Friday Finds – October 12, 2007

Susan’s Finds

— Scour your couch cushions, car seats, washing machine, and random change jars for coinage. Amazon and CoinStar have partnered to give you a bonus $10 Amazon gift card when you cash in $30 of coins at any CoinStar center (plus free coin counting–no fees). Just mail in your CoinStar receipt. Sweet!

Don’t forget to take care of you, mama. Absolutely Bananas realizes how much effort she puts into the health and happiness of her child–and how little she puts into herself. It’s a good wakeup call for all us too-selfless-for-our-own-good WMAGs.

Copy Justice Fergie’s notes from her work-life balance classes. My favorite MamaLaw blogger gives us her takeaways from a workplace lunch series on managing work-life balance. Good ideas!

Need help with the after-school juggle? Mommy Track’d features some tips on dealing with the craziness that is extracurricular kid activities. Yikes!

I’ve written before about Work It, Mom! and how much I love this inspirational networking site for working moms. But have I mentioned how fantastic the Work It, Mom! blog is? Co-founder Nataly Kogan always manages to get me thinking and striving to do more with my life. I highly recommend checking it out.

Sara’s Finds
–We’ve all heard of viral videos, but viral greeting cards? I guess so, because I’m hooked on these little gems from Hallmark. My husband sent me the “Sarcastic Wednesday” one and I loved it. I also got a kick out of the “I Can’t Work Today” card. “I Don ‘t Care Friday” and “Second Guess Thursday” are funny, too. Check these out, then send one to a friend. They’re free, and so painfully true!


Cara’s Finds
Coordinate holiday attire. Now I know where all those matchy-matchy families shop… from the Hanna Anderson catalog. I got one in the mail last week and at first glance, I thought it was corny. But, looking at it more, there were some cute kids outfits, like this adorable baby sweater dress. I even liked some of clothes for me. For my husband, though? Yeah, right. He rather go shirtless than put on a coordinating sweater. If you’re ready to buy holiday outfits for the fam, get 20% off a $150 purchase or more. Or check out the sale page. There’s actually some good deals.


Save the trees! Speaking of catalogs… If you feel bad ditching the millions you get in the mail, go to You can choose which ones you want to be taken off the circulation list. I’m going to stop my Pottery Barn Kids catalog. I might as well face it… I’ve never purchased anything from it. Never will.


Bring on the Salt-n-Pepa. So I was a little sad to see Rock of Love, one of my favorite guilty pleasure programs end. But, now Vh1 has another gem that’s got me intrigued to watch: The Salt-N-Pepa Show. Can Cheryl(Salt) and Sandy(Pepa) make amends and be friends again? I don’t know. Let’s watch. It premieres Monday night at 10PM EST.

3 thoughts on “Friday Finds – October 12, 2007

  1. I love Hanna Anderson, though it can be a bit pricey. And thanks, Susan for the change idea! We’ve got lots of change from Little One’s piggy bank, and of course I’m always up for goodies from Amazon!

  2. Love your Friday finds, especially the baby sweater dress. Baby girl dresses are really so cute! Also thanks for the heads up on Salt n Peppa. Will look out for it. If you wanna kick back and watch Bollywood movies on Friday nights, check out my reviews on every Friday under Friday Matinee. Happy Friday!

  3. Justice Fergie says:

    great finds as usual!!

    thanks for the shout out. this week’s program is managing stress – i’m taking notes 🙂

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