Friday Finds – October 16, 2009

Cara’s Finds

Wickedly-good wine. Elk Creek Vineyards located in Owenton, KY released a special edition of Halloween-inspired wines.

Organize and send out wish lists. Making a list for the holidays? Check out The site helps you keep track of items you or others might like as gifts. Simply download the button to your toolbar. Then when you’re browsing online and come across something you like, just click the Wishpot button to add it to your list.

Susan’s Finds

“Mom Is Not My Real Name.” If you’ve ever muttered these words to yourself, you’ll enjoy the song by Tina deVaron. Could be a mom anthem, of sorts. She’s an empty nester, a New York-based singer/songwriter, blogger and the mother of a son who lives in Cincinnati (*wave*). Take a listen to her album, Water Over Stones, where you can download your favorite songs or the whole thing.

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