Friday Finds – October 24, 2008

Cara’s Finds

Zima gets the boot. Do you have fuzzy memories of Zima? Did you realize the clear, fizzy drink of choice for underage teenagers in the early 90s was still around? Well, it was… until now. MillerCoors stopped making Zima on October 10. Ahh… sorry for the let down. Maybe there’s still a six-pack somewhere out there? Now there’s a creative costume idea! Carry around some Zima and go the Halloween party as the 1995 version of myself. But, I think Zima redesigned the classic label at some point? So I guess I’d be the 1995 version of myself with futuristic Zima. Hopefully, you stopped reading this by now… I’m babbling.

Got 5 plastic Target bags? I treated myself to a copy of People magazine the other day, and on the inside cover there was a cool offer from Target. The ad instructed you to remove the magazine cover, fold it inside out, and tape the sides to make an envelope. Fill the pouch with 5 Target plastic bags, seal it, and send in the mail (postage was already paid). Then Target will send you a coupon for a free reusable bag. If you don’t have a copy of People, you can still take advantage of the offer. Visit the website to learn more.

Tela’s Finds

–You’re looking lovely today. Misikko, one of my favorite online retailers for beauty supplies, (they seriously have some great prices.) is currently running a pretty cool contest. All you have to do choose a product on Misikko and submit a before and after photo of yourself (showing the look you were able to get with their product). On November 3rd, Misikko will choose three random winners to win gift certifications (1 $100 and 2 $50). Early Christmas present for mom!


Susan’s Finds

— If you’ve been on a leave of absence from work in the past year and are willing to answer questions for a magazine about whether it’s affected your employee benefits, talk to freelance writer Sharon Anne Waldrop: She might feature you in her story (for a big-time magazine).

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds – October 24, 2008

  1. love the target offer…it is just remembering to take the bag in with you when you shop…argh!!

  2. Suzi–ain’t that the truth? I have about 90 reusable bags at my house, and every time I’m headed into the store I groan inwardly b/c I’ve freakin’ forgot them again!

    Cara–you should totally go as 1995. Be sure to wear a black shirt with long sheer sleeves.

  3. I got the reuseable Target tote through a similar campaign with Newsweek. I was very excited. The bag isnt so great (it is a funny shape with too narrow a bottom) but still an excellent idea. My husband now gives me a hard time when he needs a plastic bag because we rarely have thme since I use reusables all the time.

  4. geekymummy says:

    OH, I want the target bag. I have such a target fix that I could collect 5 bags a wee. And I don’t read people (more of an Us magazine gal), so I never would have known!

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