Friday Finds – October 5, 2007

Tela’s Finds

–The editor of Real Simple, Kristin Van Ogtrop, has started a blog—Adventures in Chaos. She describes it as “Everywoman’s look at life in a messy world.” It’s good stuff–funny, honest, and real. Check it out.

Being green is all the rage these days. As a former environmental science major (dropped it when I figured out I’d have to take lots and lots of physics and chemistry), I’m always interested in ways to help convserve energy and water and generally help out the environment. Here is an article from (courtesy of MommyBits) that gives tips on how to make your house a little more eco-friendly. Who knew unplugging your cell phone charger could save so much energy? I ran home and unplugged mine the afternoon I read the article.

Cara’s Finds

Creepy crafts. If you love Halloween, then check out Martha’s cute Halloween décor and food ideas. The crafty diva’s Halloween issue is full of fun ways to give your home some spook-appeal. For us busy moms, here are simple ideas that don’t take much time at all: Creepy Paper Mice and Bats, Wipe-off Stamp Art, and Bat Garland.

How to make an easy mom-and-baby Halloween costume — a giant baby spider!

Easy baby costume. I know a new mom can’t help but buy a costume for her baby’s first Halloween. But they’re some simple things you can do without paying $20+ for a costume. (Face it–they’ll wear it for a half-hour before screaming bloody murder.) Here’s something I did a few years back: I strapped my little girl in our Baby Bjorn carrier, stuffed my husband’s black socks with paper, and attached the socks using safety pins. Instant giant spider! Do you have a creative and cheap costume idea? Share it!

Susan’s Finds
Were you a frequent slumber party host/attendee as a child? I sure was. I was always the cautious one: “Nooo, we shouldn’t do a ouija board. It could conjure the Devil!!!” And damned if I wasn’t the dork who fell asleep first. Always a bad idea. Anyhow, if you enjoyed the occasional slumber party, you will get a kick out of this HomeStarRunner video with Strong Bad. It’s some funny stuff! Thanks to my hubby for the link.

Potty training sure sounds hard. Worthwhile, of course, but a real pain, from what I’ve heard. If you’re in the midst or contemplating this next phase, check out Pampers’ new Let’s Talk Potty Training website. It’s got tools, expert advice, activities, message boards, and more. And good luck! I think I’ll wait a while before I try it with Cassie.

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