Friday Finds – September 21, 2007

Susan’s Friday Finds
One more reason to love BabyCenter: Momformation. It’s a new group blog full of “everything you need to know about moms, motherhood, and the state of parenting today.” Ambitious? Sure. But so far, the range of topics, fresh honesty, and frequent posts have been BabyCenter-tastic. Susan likey.

Love scrapbooking in theory, but hate to actually cut out and glue things? Try Scrapblog instead. Using this free Web-based software, you can arrange your photos (even videos) and memories just like a scrapbook, but electronically. Then save, share, and print your glorious creations. For a cute example, check out the scrapblog my blog friend Robyn (AKA Who’s the Boss) made for her son’s 3rd birthday.

Shop like a pro with It’s kind of like having a personal shopper search engine. Tell it what you’re looking for, and TheFind will search every store online and show you the top products, brands, stores and styles for your search.

1 thought on “Friday Finds – September 21, 2007

  1. BirdieRoark says:

    Warning you now to stay away from Scrapblog. It’s far too addictive. I’m starting a support group to wean off it. 🙂

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