Friday Finds – September 28, 2007

Tela’s Finds

–After the past few weeks I’ve had, I could sure use some energy. Or maybe I need some MENERGY? (Warning, some of the language is NSFW.)

–Not sure what toys are developmentally appropriate for your child–or better yet, a friend’s older or younger child? Check out They have expert-selected developmental toys. I only found one toy with a “character” on it (Clifford) and many toys are battery-free! You can buy a “gift series” where age-appropriate toys are sent to your home every few months, or just peruse the store for single age-specific toys. Pretty cool beans.

Sara’s Finds

–This little gem has been making its way through my blog network this week. Anita Renfroe took all the things a mom might say in a 24-hour period and set them to the William Tell Overture. Pretty funny!

Susan’s Finds
We try to pass along our favorite deals on baby stuff, but we’re not exactly the gurus. When you need serious dealage on baby gear, swing by the Baby Cheapskate blog. Get super-secret insider tips for saving on diapers, shoes, formula, toys, and more. Thanks to my cousin Ali for tipping me off to this blog!

Are you one of those people who never win anything? Up your odds by entering contests—not sweepstakes or random drawings. Especially contests that involve doing something, like writing an essay or submitting a photo or video. A lot fewer people enter them, and if you’re halfway intelligent, you have a good shot at winning awesome prizes. Here are a few contests that might be right up your alley:

  • America’s Hottest Husband 2008 Contest: Write a short essay and upload a few pics of your hottie hubby, and you could win a weeklong cruise to Tahiti.
  • Luvs Fun Photo Contest: Upload a photo or video capturing fun family moments and you could win a family vacation to Disney World.
  • Sing the Jingle, Be a Star Contest: Record a “music video” of you and a group singing “My bologna has a first name …” You could win a trip to see American Idol and the taping of an Oscar Mayer TV commercial—plus $5,000 spending money.

Rediscover your love of pop culture. Working moms are too busy for TV and movies, right? No way! Laptop Television is a blog written by a fellow WMAG who’s also a self-described pop culture junkie. She keeps tabs on the fun stuff so you can get your daily dose.

Cara’s Finds

Props to Mom. If my mom is calling from her cell, there’s a good chance she’s at a Kohl’s sale. This past week, she scored two big shopping bags full of clothes for the kids. (Thanks again, Mom!) Part of the purchase was a pair of Lee jeans for my son which had a nifty little gadget. Lee Button Prop jeans has a plastic tab attached to the button that will help my little guy button his own pants by guiding the button through the loop. I thought it was a pretty clever feature!

Get your airfare lowered. I guess I never realized you can get a price adjustment on a plane ticket. Apparently, you can. Just enter your confirmation number and ticket price at,and the website will track the airfare rate for you. You’ll receive an email if your ticket price has dropped and get instructions on how to claim your refund. Yapta also helps you track airfare prices before you buy.

3 thoughts on “Friday Finds – September 28, 2007

  1. Ladies, you never cease to amaze me with the good stuff you find. Ebeanstalk would be a great grandparent gift! Maybe I should subtly forward a link to my and Jay’s folks. And that flight discount thing is such a cool idea. I never realized something like that existed. I also love that William Tell video! It’s mom brilliance.

  2. Oh, and MENERGY is freakin’ hi-larious.

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