Friday Finds – September 7, 2007

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–Last week I was told O would have to start wearing shoes to daycare. I’ve read how important it is that babies go barefoot while learning to walk–so I was letting him go barefoot at school. Well, now he’s moved up a classroom, they go outside, and he needs proper footwear. That’s when I found See Kai Run shoes. They’re soles are super flexible for new walkers and they are super stylish. I bought the Ralph style on sale at Dandelion Baby. They fit my child’s freakishy long and wide feet perfectly! And he didn’t try to kick them off the minute I put them on his feet. Now… if he would just start walking more so he doesn’t scuff up the toes so much…

That’s some hair! O’s getting more hair, but it’s nowhere near as much as this little girl’s. And she’s only 10 weeks old! Check it out.

I’m not even sure what to say about this. What a very, very strange banner ad.

A few weeks ago, my cool co-worker Rosie sent me the link to Parent Hacks: Real-world parenting tips from real parents. I promptly bookmarked it for Friday Finds, then forgot about it. Well, I remembered it. Here it is for your enjoyment!

6 thoughts on “Friday Finds – September 7, 2007

  1. Mommy Bits says:

    Those shoes are adorable. For both our boys I found that Robeez worked best. They come in lots of great, adorable styles/colors and the boys (who both hated shoes when they were younger) didn’t even realize they were wearing shoes when they had them on.

  2. just4ofus says:

    I used Robeez as well. And here is a tidbit.. Target is selling a shoe like Robeez that is made by the more expensive Robeez like company.. Bobux.

    And the nipple ad.. WEIRD

  3. I like Robeez, and used them when he was younger. And I’ve seen the Bobux ones at Target–but I could never find his size.

    For some reason, I felt he needed something a little more “structured” at daycare. And his feet are very long and very wide. See Kai Run shoes run big and wide, so they fit. The leather of the shoe is butter-soft–similiar to Robeez, and the sole is super flexible–but sturdy. A friend of mine said her pediatrician raved over the See Kai–he had never seen anything like them.

    Can you tell I love them? Ha.

  4. We are big fans of Stride Rite. Pricey but worth it.

  5. Haha… he has a pair of Stride Rite, too.

  6. Just found your site through the, and now I’ve bookmarked you for future visits. Working Moms Against Guilt, indeed!

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