Girls Weekend Getaway in NYC

Some friends and I recently visited New York City for a girls weekend getaway. Here are just a few things we learned on our first trip to the Big Apple.

Last weekend while Susan was in Chicago networking at BlogHer, I was doing a different kind of networking in New York City: a girls weekend getaway. Six Cincinnati women visited our good friend in the Big Apple. For most of us, it was our first time in the big city and it was quite an experience. Here are just a few things we learned:

  • Moms know how to party. Get a group of moms together and you’re in for a good time. Our friend living in NYC thought our first night in the city would wrap up pretty early. Not so. At 2:30 a.m. she’s trying her damndest to wrangle the moms into a cab. The next night didn’t end until 5:00 a.m. Recovery’s a different story. Four days after the trip and we’re all still a little fuzzy.
  • It feels good when someone at the bar says, “You’re a mom?!?” I take it as a compliment… rather than a sign of concern.
  • Walking around NYC in sandals will give you pregnancy feet. Seriously, at one point I looked down and my feet were the size of sausage rolls.
  • No matter how old you are you can still giggle at the stupidest things. I don’t know how many times we cracked up laughing like we were all in high school again.
  • The game Humdinger never gets old. NEVER. Even if you’re the only one who can think of songs to hum.
  • Accidentally falling onto a child in a moving subway isn’t that funny to the child. But sure makes us and some New Yorker dude laugh. Really hard.
  • When vacationing in NYC, don’t lie about the number of people staying in your room. I said we had two people per room to get the better deal. We actually had three. Long story long… we ended up having three girls sharing one bed in a shoebox of a room. But, it all worked out fine.
  • It feels good to get away. Did I miss the hubby and kids? Okay, a little. But having a weekend to share with some of my best girlfriends was just what I needed.

To all my NYC-girls, thanks for an unforgettable time. And to Duritsch, thanks for putting up with us. Love your jortballs! (To the rest of the world reading this: Don’t ask.)

Some friends and I recently visited New York City for a girls weekend getaway. Here are just a few things we learned on our first trip to the Big Apple.

2 thoughts on “Girls Weekend Getaway in NYC

  1. Let’s go from start to finish: A naked butt at 6AM on Friday morning, “AHHHHHH, STOPPPP” = a near death experience on the way to Columbus, diamond studded Corona’s at The Hudson, “I see your true colors” at Banc, hand dryers at Vertigo, “But I put $5 in” at Molly’s, “I’m not falling for that trick” at Molly’s, jortballs all over the place, “The Bull” balls on Wall Street, several other types of balls all over New York, a booty in the face of a 10 year old and a laughing New Yorker on the Subway, humdingers in Little Italy, Schaeffer’s (I have no clue where we were….maybe Grenwich Village?), $14 cosmos (again, no clue), plastic pop with our lunch on Sunday, “Uh, it was fun, but I’m outta here” after lunch on Sunday, “Um, can you get your clothes out of that bag so that I can puke in it?” on the cab ride to the airport, getting sandwiched between both doors on the JKF tram, a sobbing plane ride to Columbus, almost 3 TALL BUDWEISERS in about 20 minutes to soothe nerves at the Columbus airport, more sobbing to assist in soothing nerves, a naked butt at 1 AM on Sunday night/Monday morning. Sounds like quite a trip!!!!! Great times ladies.

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