Give 5 So Needy Kids Have Diapers

Here’s a cause I can really relate to: helping needy families get the diapers they need for their kids. I know how much diapers cost ($60 to $100 a month, depending on the age of a child). My kid was in them for 2.5 years until she was potty-trained, and right now our family is enjoying a brief diaper hiatus until the new baby comes in July.

I can imagine how stressful it would be if we couldn’t afford diapers — and public assistance and social service agencies couldn’t help us out. That’s why I’m happy to spread the word about our local United Way’s fundraising effort (called Give 5) to buy $100,000 diapers and help local families and children coping with the economic crisis.
Now through June 21, United Way is appealing to Greater Cincinnati’s social media network through Facebook, Twitter, local bloggers, email and other online efforts. They’re asking supporters to donate $5 online and forward on the message to 5 friends. I just gave $5 — it was easy and painless. And I hope by posting this on our blog, I’m telling more than 5 friends.
Will you consider giving $5 now? And if you can, lend your own powers of social media by talking up Give 5 on your own blog, Twitter, Facebook or wherever you chat with your online pals? This time, it really is “for the kids.” A very worthy effort, in my opinion!

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  1. I’m in! And posted to my Facebook.

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