Give Your Kids FaceTime


If you have a busy work schedule or work-related travel, being away from your children can really be hard. Allow yourself a few minutes of FaceTime (or other video chat) to see their sweet faces, hear their stories from school, and blow kisses or give virtual “phone hugs.” This face-to-face conversation always helps me feel closer to my kids (and vice versa) when we can’t be together.

4 thoughts on “Give Your Kids FaceTime

  1. Eddie Nelson says:

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  2. Definitely. I often FaceTime with my kid during lunch, and it’s a wonderful fnf way to connect when we can’t be together.

    1. Mariah Carey says:

      The virtual “phone hugs” and blown kisses might not replace in-person interactions, but they can wordle certainly help nurture the emotional bond between you and your kids.

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