How to Ask for a Raise

One of the reasons women make less than their male counterparts is because they don't ask. Learn how to ask for a raise so you're paid what you're worth.

When was the last time you asked for a promotion? A raise? More benefits?

If you’re like a lot of working women, you just put your nose to the grindstone and hope your superiors notice–and, eventually, reward you with the money you deserve.

Not bloody likely!, according to this two-part series on Women typically make less money than men, and one of the reasons is we simply don’t speak up. Nearly half of 2,400 women surveyed recently by PINK magazine said they hadn’t asked for a raise or promotion in the last 12 months. But 72 percent of those who asked for more got it.

So how do you get what you deserve at work? has some suggestions:

  • Keep track of your accomplishments.
  • Give concrete examples of why you’ve earned a raise/promotion/benefit.
  • Suggest alternatives if a raise isn’t “in the budget” (vacation days, stock options, etc.)
  • Find out what you should be making and use that info as leverage. (Visit for a free salary report.)
  • Don’t ask for a yes or no–tell them what you want and deserve.
  • Do a little confidence-building role-play first with someone you trust.

Wondering what exactly you’re supposed to do and say to get your next pay raise? I recommend The Essential Pay Raise Workbook for Women, a step-by-step negotiation guide by Pat Katepoo, who’s a pro in such matters.

And speaking of that, it’s time for my annual review at work! Guess what I’ll be asking for? (I’ll let you know how it goes …)

2 thoughts on “How to Ask for a Raise

  1. Nobody is going to throw money at you. You have to ask for it. You have to be armed with your accomplishments and contributions. If you don’t ask you’ll never get anything.

    I asked and I got!

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