Giving Thanks

My family thinks it’s corny when I make us go around the table and say one thing we’re thankful for.

But really? There’s no such thing as being too thankful, or overly expressing gratitude. So at the risk of sounding like a giant Cheeto, I’m going to share what I’m thankful for right now. And I encourage you to take a moment or two to add your own items to the list! Why not tell the Internets what makes you grateful?

I’m thankful for …

  • My sweet, round, giggly baby James
  • My sassy, loving, imaginative big girl Cassie
  • My loyal husband Jay who has stuck by me all these years and still thinks I’m beautiful
  • Having a safe, decent home in a safe, decent neighborhood
  • Always having enough to eat (well, a bit more than enough) and clothes to wear
  • Good health for me and my family
  • Being able to work from home and have more time with my kids
  • A family who loves and supports me
  • Dear friends here, there and everywhere who make me laugh, help me out, and like me just as I am
  • Blogs, bloggy friends, blogging and people who read/comment on my blogs
  • Barack Obama as our president
  • My DVR and all the good shows on it
  • Having two paid off cars that are running well

Now it’s your turn …

1 thought on “Giving Thanks

  1. Ugly Betty
    Sunny days
    Rainy days
    The best mom ever
    Plus what you said!

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