Goin’ to BlogHer

So guess what?

I (Tela) am going to BlogHer! I’m super excited. The conference has fallen on my O’s birthday in past years, so I have never been able to attend. Even though I’ve been blogging for almost three years, this will be my first BlogHer conference–and I’m excited. Although I already feel slightly behind the eight ball.

I had assumed that this year it would be on my son’s birthday again. When I realized it wasn’t, it was already sold out–and had been for months!

I pretty much gave up all hope of going. But then the lovely Dawn of Room 704 hooked me up with hot Ree of Hotfesional who put me in touch with Nancy of Marie Millard. (Evidence of how hot a ticket for BlogHer is this year. It took some workin’! it! to get me there.) I only met Dawn last month at the pre BlogHer meetup organized by Shannan of MommyBits and hosted by AmyinOhio. (Hey, Shan & Amy, can we have another one of those, so I can pay attention this time–instead of stuffing my face with Yagoot?) But that’s how cool this community is. A person I only met once remembered how much I wanted to go and helped me get there. And then there were two other awesome ladies who also helped me–and they never even met me!

So back to this behind-the-eight-ball bidness. I started reading about the sessions and the parties and the meetups and phew! Will I get to all the sessions I want to attend? Am I going to wander around aimless while the people who have already met “IRL” will bond over glitter?

I guess only time will tell. See you at BlogHer!

7 thoughts on “Goin’ to BlogHer

  1. selfmademom says:

    I'll be there for the Friday session and would love to meet you!

  2. shannanb aka Mommy Bits says:

    I am so glad that you are coming! It's cool how the ticket worked out. You never know when you are going to "bump" into the right person!!! We are going to have a blast!

  3. Emily from Mommin It Up says:

    Looking forward to seeing you again! It's going to be a great weekend.

  4. That's great! Have a good time. 🙂

  5. I will be there as well!

  6. wooo woooo!!!!! See you Thursday!

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