Good Car Seats! Bad Car Seats! Which Is It?

After all the infant car seat hubbub raised by Consumer Reports earlier this month, the publication is now calling for a “do over.”

Turns out, the testers may have simulated crashes at higher speeds than claimed in the report–which means the seats deemed unsafe may actually be perfectly fine for your baby.

Or not. Who knows?

In the meantime, your guess is as good as mine which seat is actually, really, and truly safe. CR advises us to “suspend judgment on the merits of individual products until the new testing has been completed and the report re-published.”

Maybe I’ll also suspend judgment on the trustworthiness of Consumer Reports‘ “boy who cried wolf” freak-out reports.

4 thoughts on “Good Car Seats! Bad Car Seats! Which Is It?

  1. Dang, something I actually suspected came true. Good thing I didn’t run out and buy a new car seat. Or wait… I DID do that. But I bought a sorely-needed convertible, so I’m all good. I’m basing all future decision making on reports from REAL moms. I like to lurk at and see what those experience moms have to say. Forget CR.

  2. Selfmademom says:

    Seriously, even though I’m not in the market for this seat, I was so frustrated by the study and then recall. My preggo friends at work were freaking out. I just asked my friends too, like Tela, before I had my son and went with the SnugRide. Loved it. Miss it…

  3. Anonymous says:

    They went faster than they claimed they actually did?
    In some weird way that could be taken the same way as most drivers acknowledge their ‘actual speed’ when driving. Lots of people (parents included) say they’re only driving 45 when we know full well they’re actually doing 65+. I myself am included sometimes, sorry. Very few drivers actually drive within the safe speed limits, and that is part of the cause of so many reckless driving accidents.

    So the principle of the thing is wrong. They were inaccurate. But it got my attention for the possibility factor. And that’s all they really can say for sure right now – it’s “possible” that those carseats aren’t as safe as we’d hope.

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