Good Reads If You’ve Got a Slow Monday

I don’t know about you, but I am crazy-busy today. If you happen to have a little time on your hands, check out these articles. I’ll be back later with a more substantive post.

  • Moms: Do you, too, yearn for a wife? According to this New York Times article, more working moms these days want the advantages their male counterparts have — a wife to take care of household stuff. I think the idea of wanting a “wife” to perform such tasks sounds horribly sexist, but maybe that’s just me.
  • When it comes to working motherhood, we don’t all have a “choice.” This San Francisco Chronicle op-ed piece points out that only moms with high-income households can “opt out” of work to raise kids. Most moms in America need the money, so they have to work. Sort of puts a damper on the “mommy wars” if you think about it like that, eh?
  • Ohio moms at smaller companies might get (unpaid) maternity leave. What a dream! Another NY Times piece discusses the Ohio Civil Rights Commission’s push to give employees up to 12 weeks of maternity leave at companies with four or more employees. Maybe my sarcasm comes from the belief that we should all be guaranteed PAID maternity leave for up to one year after we have a baby. I know, I know, I should just move to Canada already.
  • Do your kids drive you to do drugs? This “Bad Parent” post has the momosphere abuzz. Here’s a quote for ya: “It turned out I could not only manage taking care of my son while I was high; I could excel.” Hmmmm …

2 thoughts on “Good Reads If You’ve Got a Slow Monday

  1. Amen to the San Francisco Chronicle article. This is just what I’ve been saying all along. Except I would say that it’s not just poor women who are being given the silent treatment. It’s firmly middle class women as well – women whose families would be poor if they chose not to work.

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. crazedparent/jobmom says:

    Well, I think everything should put a damper on the mommy wars:)

    I’d agree with Sara. We *have* been saying that all along. In our blog posts and with other moms…not everyone has the option to stay at home. Even if ALL moms did have they option, would they? Probably not.

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