Gwyneth Paltrow has Advice for Working Moms

I like Gwyneth Paltrow. I do. I think she’s beautiful, a great actress, and I’m not jealous that she has an amazing life that lets her do things like run around Spain with Mario Batali and taste wine. I know it’s en vogue to hate Gwyneth, and I’m not on board with that. But I DID find hilarious a recent Videogum post dissecting one of her recent GOOP missives offering tips for working moms.

Yes, Gwyneth is a working mom; all respect to her for that. However, I imagine her experience is quite a bit different from mine. And I had to laugh at the Videogum editor’s notes inside Gwyneth’s description of one of her “typical” days.

I’m just going to link to the post here, because there’s a lot of swearing in it. If you’re offended by strong language, don’t click. If you love Gwyneth Paltrow more than I do and don’t think it’s nice to poke fun at her, then don’t click. But if you appreciate a bit of snark and don’t mind the occasional f-bomb, then enjoy.

The funneh is right here.

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