Happy New Year…

My husband was reading WMAG last night and said, “Wow, you haven’t posted anything in here for awhile.” He’s right. I really haven’t had much to say that I thought would be helpful or even uplifting since I’m in a spot where most people are right now – just sort of hanging in there and waiting to see what will happen with this economy while trying to do all I can to keep myself and those around me going.

I don’t mean to sound like I’ve been depressed or even all that doom and gloomy. I’ve just felt, well, maybe “hunkered down” is the right word. I’m drawing closer to my family, appreciating all of the wonderful things I have, and trying to think of strategies to deal with whatever might come – realizing, too, that everything could turn out wonderfully. I’ve got some big, exciting things happening this year – preparing a debut novel for publication, giving birth, etc. The cool thing about the unknown is that it can just as well tip in your favor.

But when I’m in a spot like this, my instinct is to clam up, put my head down and just walk into the wind. I never blog much at times like these – the novelist in me tends to deal with angst and change and other messy life issues through fiction. So I’m making a lot of progress on my next book – that’s great news where my career in book publishing is concerned!

But perhaps I’ll try to break out of my comfort level this time around. Susan’s going to be posting about her efforts to be more financially fit, and since I’m working on that as well, I’ll try to contribute a thought or two. I could also wax poetic about some political issues that are becoming dear to my heart, assuming that won’t turn readers off. 🙂 There’s Tasty Tuesday – but to be honest, one area where we haven’t really cut back is on cooking. I’m blessed with a husband who’s a bit of an amateur chef, and creating in the kitchen is one of the things that make him happy in uncertain times, so when he serves us stuffed duck breast with risotto and asparagus, I know it’s not thrifty or even all that quick and easy, but it feeds our souls when we need it.

I guess the point of this post is to really to wish everybody a Happy New Year and perhaps get myself thinking about how I can contribute to WMAG this year. I know there are tons of issues that a working mom like me can always post about. But right now, I’m just grateful to be a mom, and working. Hey! There’s a post topic – maybe I’ll start something like Thankful Thursday – a place for us to chat about our weekly blessings instead of focusing on uncertainties. What this world needs is a more postive thinking, don’t you agree?

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year…

  1. geekymummy says:

    one of my resolutions is to be more thankful for my situation in life, so I like your idea. I recently read Linda Hirschman’s manifesto “get to work” which validated for me the pleasure I take in being both a scientist with a serious career, and a mum too. My motto now is to stop letting certain elements of society and the media make me feel guilty about the choices I have made, and to do more celebrating that I live in a time when I can do this.

  2. I love love love the site! I work full-time outside the home and I freelance at night when the babies are sleeping. It’s a full plate, but I love it. Thanks for creating this site.


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