Hey Moms, You’re On TV!

To piggyback on Tela’s TV Guilt post, I thought about we’d explore TV for us mommies. In the last few years, storylines around moms have delved deeper in the frustrations and guilt of juggling work with family. What a concept! My fellow WMAG contributors helped me list these new wave of TV moms. If you’ve know of ones we may have missed, please share.

Lynette Scavo on Desperate Housewives
We first met Lynette as a stay-at-home mom who gave up her career to raise with her four children. Now Lynette’s working again, full-time at an ad agency while her husband Tom stays at home.Alison Dubois on Medium
This psychic mom who sees dead people is a part-time consultant to the district attorney’s office. At home her and her husband are raising three young children. They’re often in negotiation about child-care issues and making time for themselves as a couple.

Catherine Willows on CSI
A single mother with a tumultuous background. She’s passionate about her job as a Crime Scene Investigator, but is also raising her young daughter on her own.
Dr. Miranda Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy
She’s the tough senior resident who recently had a baby. Now she’s trying to prove she can be all-surgeon and all-mommy all the time.

Annabeth Chase on Close to Home

This newly widowed character faces challenges of being a single mother while juggling her job a prosecutor. In one episode, she tries to use a breast pump in a tiny bathroom stall.

Christine on The New Adventures of Old Christine
She’s a divorced mom and owner of a 30-minute workout gym. The “meanie moms” at her son’s school mock Christine for having a job.
Jordon McDeere on Studio 60
When the actress Amanda Peet became pregnant the writers decided to go with it—who cares if her character (the president of the NBS network) isn’t married or dating anyone.
Sure we’ve seen working moms on TV before. For example, Claire Huxtable, Maggie Seaver, Kate and Allie, and Murphy Brown. But today’s storylines seem to be more realistic and close-to-home than ever before. Well, except I don’t know too many moms who make a part-time career out of seeing dead people… but you know what I mean.
Who is your favorite TV mom (past or present)? Working mom or stay-at-home mom?

6 thoughts on “Hey Moms, You’re On TV!

  1. I think Lynnette’s hubby Tom went back to work. He couldn’t handle seeing his wife kicking butt and bringing home the bacon while he stayed at home with the kiddies. He worked at her agency for a while (yikes!) but eventually her boss canned him and he got another job. I’m not sure who takes care of their kids now.

  2. I’m somewhat partial to Peg Bundy, but I wanted to be Claire Huxtable when I was much younger. Now that I’m older, I want to know how she managed everything without a visible nanny or housekeeper!

  3. Claire Huxtable was so classy, no? I still love her.

  4. I would add Rachel Griffiths character Sarah from ABC’s Brothers and Sisters. She plays a working mom that also is president of her family’s business.

  5. I think Tom is following his dream of opening a pizza shop, which Lynette is not happy about. Yeah, who knows who’s watching the kids?

    I guess since Dr. Huxtable ran his practice from the basement, maybe he was more of the primary caregiver? But they sure made it seem easy to raise all those dang kids while having two big careers… and when did they find the time to rehearse all those musical numbers? Sheesh…

    I love Peggy Bundy, too. We still watch the reruns.

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