How to Deal With Annoying People This Holiday

Working mom's Holiday Hack: Practice dealing with annoying people before the holiday festivities start.

Today’s holiday hack is more peace of mind than time management. It’s a reminder that you probably will have to deal with annoying people this month. Why should you think about this before you absolutely have to?

Because practicing your poker face can help keep your holiday from becoming a…










You know you’re going to have to listen to an hour of Uncle Hank’s political views.











Or your sister-in-law Brandy brag about how amazing her utterly average kids are.









There’s your aunt who can’t resist “going there” with everybody’s dirty laundry.










And, even though the Mommy Wars are supposed to be over, there’s always that person who wants to criticize the fact that you work outside the home.










Sometimes a little drama is fun – when it doesn’t involve you.










But isn’t it better just to get through dinner/the afternoon/gift opening with minimal discomfort? If someone is blatantly racist, sexist or nasty, definitely call them out. But for moments that are more annoyance than abuse, a little grace goes a long way.

So start now. Stand in front of a mirror and imagine Cousin Crystal preaching about her vegan CrossFit conversion while picking at the meal you spent hours preparing.

Do not look like this.











Or this.












Don’t do this.












And especially don’t do this (no matter how much you might want to).



















Do smile delightedly.










Nod politely.










Or, if all else fails, change the subject.









If you’re lucky, you only have to see these people for a short while. Just get through it so you can say goodbye and go…

high five








Until next year.

Holiday Hacks for Working MomsThis article is part of our Holiday Hacks for Working Moms series. See the full #holidayhacks list for more ways to hack your holidays, so you can enjoy the season instead of letting it drag you down.


4 thoughts on “How to Deal With Annoying People This Holiday

  1. This is the most useful holiday guide I’ve seen yet! Kudos, Sara. Also, put a smile on my face. And you know what? Smiling’s my favorite.

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