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I admit.  I have always been a last minute holiday shopper.  Last year, on Dec. 12, I broke my ankle.  Immediately, my first worry (past getting home and my leg up) was “how in the world will I buy Christmas”.  I hadn’t even begun shopping and here I was bed-ridden for at least 6 weeks.  So, I set out to do all of my Christmas shopping online.

I also admit – I had been skeptical of shopping online for Christmas.  “What if they don’t arrive in time?”  and “What if it isn’t what I thought it was when it gets here?” were a couple of my normal worries.  Let me tell you – I have never been more pleased before about shopping when I was done!  I couldn’t believe how easy and stress-free it was nor that it all arrived quickly and was exactly what I thought it would be!

So, knowing Black Friday is right around the corner and that the holidays are fast approaching, I thought I would start to share with you great places to shop online each week between now and Christmas!

One quick tip to keep in mind!  If you have kids that are allowed to use the internet to put together their wishlist, life is a million times easier when they forward your list with links included to what they want!  But even better!  Why not use easy tools like online wish lists to help?  Amazon Wish List is fabulous for this!

So here are five great places to check out online:

  1. Zappos – This place is fabulous!  The last place I ordered from, yet the first order to arrive on my door step.  Their customer service is awesome and the experience was better than any local store could have provided!
  2. Amazon – What doesn’t this place have?  Easy to use, quick delivery and a large variety to choose from!
  3. Sephora – If you know someone that uses their products, Sephora offers great deals around Christmas and arrives as expected.  They offer great gift wrapping options as well as free shipping on orders over $50.
  4. Toys R Us – Everything arrived as expected.  Be careful not to wait too late for the hot toys of the year, as the website runs out quickly like the stores do.  They offer a Wish List feature that would be great for kids!
  5. ThinkGeek – For the Geek in your life, you can’t get any better than this site!  Unique items that are priced well and would make any true Geek completely happy!

Where have you ordered from online?  Feel free to share your favorite online locations to shop and why!

8 thoughts on “Holiday Helpers: Online Shopping

  1. My kids have birthdays in late November and mid December, plus Christmas… so I’ve relied on online shopping for the last few years. I get tons of catalogs and the kids go through them and circle what they want… then I shop for it at Amazon – they usually have 80% of it and it’s always cheaper. It’s wonderful. I would truly be lost without it.

    1. Oooo I never thought about actually getting catalogs first throughout the year! Great idea!

  2. Online shopping is a must for my family! My toddler daughter is not a fan of siting in a shopping cart. What I love best is being able to quickly browse for gift ideas. For instance, I knew my niece loved mermaids but I didn’t know what to get her. I simply typed mermaids into Amazon under the toy category and bam, pages of ideas. I would have gotten frustrated walking up and down toy aisles at a store looking for anything mermaid.

    1. I love that feature, too! I usually end up with more in my cart than I planned from that “those who bought also bought” feature as well!

  3. I love love love shopping online. I can’t stand lines and parking lots during Xmas. Online is the only way for me. So many place have free shipping now and most of the Black Friday deals are online as well. Plus places like Target, Macy’s, and Children’s Place allow you to buy online, and if you don’t like it, you can return to the store to avoid return shipping costs.

    1. How has your experience been with Macy’s? Last year, they were the first placed I ordered from and the last place that I received my gifts from. They had me a little worried about making it for Christmas, but they made it!

  4. I’ve been shopping online for all my holiday shopping since my oldest was born. I swear by!! I love getting a check in the mail for my shopping.

  5. Great i always do shopping on holiday, online shopping is the easier way to choosing best products, we wanna buy cheap, designer and luxury product at best price but all branded product are expensive in shop. To solve this problems, online stores offer all branded products in best price.

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