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The original working mom blog, Working Moms Against Guilt has been on a quest for less guilt and more joy since 2006.

Origins of Working Moms Against Guilt

Many amazing women have contributed their stories and wisdom to Working Moms Against Guilt over the years. I’d like to give a special shoutout to my original co-founders: Tela Durbin, Cara Reeves and Sara Bennett Wealer. Our cubicle conversations turned into an online movement! Though we no longer share a watercooler (or a mysterious office gnat infestation), we’ll always have the memories—and each other’s friendships.


After nine years publishing thousands of articles geared toward working moms, we’ve created quite the treasure trove of working-mom wisdom. In this blog, you’ll discover all the tips and stories we’ve shared over the years, with new content added all the time.


You work for many reasons, ranging from a paycheck to fulfilling career ambitions to having a desk that’s quiet and free from kid debris. But you also face daily challenges because of that other “job” you have at home—you know, the one with the lousy pay, unpredictable hours, unreasonable expectations, and occasional kisses as your bonus? No doubt about it: Being a mom with a job is tough. See if Working Moms Against Guilt can offer some nuggets of wisdom make work jive better with everything else.


Think you don’t have time for date nights with your sweetie? How about snuggle fests with your kiddo? No room in your calendar for you-time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to read this section STAT. Because love is what makes us human. It’s what gets you up in the morning and allows you to sleep at night (maybe not enough sleep, but …) Love makes all our hard work, blood, sweat, and tears worthwhile. Our challenge to you: Pick at least three ideas from Working Moms Against Guilt and do them in the next week. Make sure at least one has to do with loving yourself. Go forth and love!


Something happens to us when we transition from childhood to adulthood. OK, a lot of things happen to us. But we’re troubled by one trend in particular that’s associated with “growing up”: Giving up play as a regular part of our lives. And it only gets worse—much, much worse—when you become a parent who’s juggling work and kids. Society already frowns upon adults “playing.” But a grown-ass woman, a mother no less, with all those bills to pay, mouths to feed and to-do lists to tackle? Just … playing? Of course, we don’t do it enough.

Yet play, like love, is such an essential part of being human. The benefits of play include relaxation, stress relief, increased creativity, better problem-solving, and physical fitness. That’s why Working Moms Against Guilt is all about getting working moms to play more. Here are lots of ways to spark fun in your own life.

I hope you find realistic, insightful advice on how to make life better at work, in your love life and relationships, and at play with your kids, your friends, or on your own. We hope you’ll be able to act on some of these tips today, tomorrow or next weekend. The whole idea of this blog is to make a tangible difference in your life now, without a ton of effort or cost on your part, while bringing more joy into your life.

We know how hard life can be. Not just for working moms. For every human being. And at Working Moms Against Guilt, we believe that by connecting and sharing with each other, together we can lighten each other’s burden.

I sincerely hope you’ll find a good number of “aha!” ideas here to make your life (and your family’s life) better, starting today.

Susan Wenner Jackson, WMAG Cofounder

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