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Hope Your Thanksgiving Was Awesome!

My family is celebrating today, since my brother in law was marching in the Macy’s parade yesterday with the Air Force band. In honor of the holiday, I wanted to share a poem by my 8-year-old. (What good is being a mom if you can’t brag on your kids once in awhile?)


I feel the rush of the autumn breeze push on my face.

Me and my cousins go in to have Thanksgiving dinner, in we race.

On our way, we think of turkey.

But when we see the BIG turkey, we sit down with no milerky (sic).

On our fingers the candy almonds are sticking,

And now I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope your holiday is blessed, and that you have much to be grateful for this year.  Thanks for following us here at Working Moms Against Guilt!

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