I Am Glad Mother’s Day Is Over

I think I bought into the Mother’s Day hype a little too much. Despite the practical realist who dwells deep within me, my inner romantic dreamer hoped against hope for a relaxing, pampered Sunday during which I could kick back, enjoy a foot massage perhaps, eat endless brownies and watch my soaps or Gilmore Girls DVDs or whatever I damn well pleased.

Instead, I had to face reality: I had promised to host my family for a Mother’s Day/birthday combo celebration. Granted, the party was at my parents’ house (because everything at home is STILL a mess). But even without the chore of cleaning, I still had to get all the food, decorations and gifts ready. Plus I had to entertain our daughter all morning while my husband painted trim in our soon-to-be new joint office. We ended up running errands and playing at a playground (well, she played as I hobbled and limped after her with my pregnant sciatica in full effect).
Now I should point out I was awakened yesterday by my beautiful girl saying “Happy Mother’s Day” and urging me out of bed to partake in doughnuts she and Daddy had just bought for me. That was sweet. And they got me some lovely roses and cards to show their appreciation for me.
Also, I know my mom enjoyed the party and the fact she didn’t have to cook or decorate or clean up. She totally deserves to be spoiled and I was glad to help. And I can’t forget — I volunteered to do all this. It was my daughter’s birthday (which is actually next weekend) and my brother’s birthday and Mother’s Day, and I wanted to please them all.
Still, by the end of Sunday, I was so exhausted and in pain, I just wanted Mother’s Day to be over. I don’t know if or when a day “just for me” is in my future, but at least on regular days, I don’t have any illusions.
Oh, and if you happen to be one of those lucky moms who actually did get spoiled for the day and didn’t overload yourself with tasks and duties, good for you. Please don’t rub it in!

10 thoughts on “I Am Glad Mother’s Day Is Over

  1. I’m guessing your story is a lot more familiar than most people admit. The roses, chocolates, spa treats and lives of luxury are somewhat more romanticized than realistic.
    And, you know what? I would trade my non-rose life for one with a surface of roses but no depth.
    Just sayin’ —

  2. Sue–that’s so funny. A friend and I were lamenting on the phone last night about how our respective Mother’s Days were definitely not very fun! I find that when I look forward to things, they rarely live up to the hype. Maybe that’s my pessimitic nature coming through, though.

    I’m sorry yours was so rough, but I’m sure the party was great. And look at all that you got done!

    Happy Mothers Day and Happy Early Birthday to Cassie!

  3. Overwhelmed Mom says:

    My Mother’s Day was not very relaxing either. I still did laundry and all my usual weekend stuff, had to meet the extended family for brunch, then around 4pm my husband asked, “What’s for dinner?” So much for pampering 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am not one to complain and I had my expectations set rather level.. a day of family fun..a trip to the park, maybe.

    Instead, I spent my day at home with my younger daughter who had the poop and puke virus from daycare while my husband had my older daughter in the ER because she fell and ripped off half of the fingernails on two of her fingers.

    I am with Susan, I couldn’t wait for the day to be over with.

  5. Gerrianne says:

    As the mother of 3 grown children I have had my fair share of disappointing Mother’s Days. Cleaning the garage seemed to be the thing to do.

    This year I hosted an 85th birthday party for my dad on Saturday and decided I would not do it all. I set the intention that it would be fun and easy and I was way too busy to play Martha Stewart. It was amazing how much fun it was when I decided not to try and be perfect and do it all.

    My blog is all about helping people learn to live and love their moments. I would love for you to check it out.

    Take care and happy belated Mother’s day to all of you. Remember enjoy those moments when your kiddies are young because before you know it they will be grown and gone. All the best


  6. Don’t ya know… a mother’s work is never done. Even on Mother’s Day 😉

    My Sunday was tiring for me as well. Although we went to my mother’s for dinner–we spent the day working in the yard. I tried to resist. But, the grass was ridiculously long and we had a lot of planting to do. While my husband cut the grass, I planted flowers and some new Azalea bushes I got for my Mother’s Day gift. Later in the evening, I sat on our couch feeling sunburned and slightly buzzed (thanks to a couple glasses of wine!)

    I guess it ended up being a pretty okay Mother’s Day after all.

  7. Oh THANK HEAVEN I’m not the only one! I was having similar thoughts all day Sunday. I wasn’t overloaded, but my husband’s in the military and there was no one around to share the load. The laundry, the cooking, the dishes – you know, the survival-type things we all do on a daily basis.

    There was a high point, though, after I plopped down on the coach, exhausted at about 6 and pleaded with the kids – 3 and 5 – to give me just five minutes.

    “You need coffee, Mommy,” the 5-year-old said. “I’ll make you some coffee.”

    And he did, and the kitchen wasn’t even too much of a mess.

    I think it was the best Mother’s Day present I could have had at that point.

  8. selfmademom says:

    Oy- you are too kind. Someone’s gonna give it back to you when you have the baby. And I’ll keep my mouth shut about my mother’s day. Just think- next year!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I believe that women we need to honor the true reason that Mother’s Day was created. It was created during the Civil War by a woman who had lost her husband and son in the Civil War and she created this holiday so that women would march in the streets and on Government buildings to tell them to stop the war! She did not want another mother or wife to lose their son or husband and she too, like me believed the true victims of war are the women and children left at home or who lose their love ones.

    Everyday many women have sons and husbands who die in Iraq and that means there is yet another women who now has to figure out how she is going to make it financially, because her partner will no longer be there to help pay the bills or raise the kids they created.

    Women and children are always raped, killed and abused as a part of war and history proves this fact to be true. I have a problem with the government dropping bombs on women and children in Pakistan, because those are women who love and care for their children just like I do and it would be wrong for a country to drop bombs on my neighborhood and kill my children and we as women should believe and work to stop war around the world so another women does not have to suffer the lost of love one or her home or security.


  10. Wa Wa wa Wa WA Wa Wa… AT LEAST YOU GET A DAY THAT YOU ARE RECOGNIZED AND HELD UP HIGH ON A PEDESTAL…. Maybe not by your family (as some of you are lamenting), but AT LEAST BY THE PUBLIC, by the media and by the stores! What about us Aunts (and others) who can’t have kids, but must help our sisters with their kids – CONSTANTLY. I have no kids and my life was STILL turned upside down when my SISTER had kids. I am constantly running to help (and gladly, mind you). I spent more time at my sister’s house during the first 2 years of her twin girls lives than at my own house with my husband!! BUT THERE IS NO “Aunt Doll who can’t have kids, but uproots her life to help her sister with her kids” DAY!!!! So quit complaining that Mother’s Day isn’t the fantasy that you all want that entails NO KIDS and relaxing all day. I don’t care if you NEED A BREAK…. You are a parent – THERE ARE NO BREAKS! I am just an Aunt and I have very few breaks!!!! BUT I DON’T GET ACKNOWLEDGED FOR IT! All I get is “you don’t have kids, you have it nice”. OH DO I? Then why don’t I EVER have a relaxing weekend? I’m always helping out with kids (and gladly, mind you) – – and again I DO IT ALL WITHOUT RECOGNITION. What about all us women who have no kids BUT ARE ALWAYS UPROOTING OUR LIVES (and gladly, mind you) to help sisters, cousins, etc. We don’t mind doing it, but it would be nice to be recognized. Listening to all the hype and listening to a million women get “Oh, Happy Mother’s Day… Happy Mother’s Day” while we get passed up. WITHOUT US – YOU WOULD ALL GO CRAZY. But… we get NO DAY!!!!! and when we are old, we will have NO ONE to take care of us even though we feel like we mothered our sisters’ children almost as much as their own mother. SO QUIT COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR DISAPPOINTING MOTHER’S DAY and rejoice that you were able to HAVE kids!!

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