I Don’t Know Why I Twitter, I Just Do

A few weeks ago, I actively started using Twitter. I don’t know why exactly. Seemed like all the cool kids were doing it — maybe I was missing out on the action.

If you’re not already in the Twittersphere, Twitter allows you to share your life’s happenings and thoughts in short bursts (140 characters or less), via Web or mobile phone. You can write “tweets,” as they’re called, for yourself (like a little pocket-sized blog), or for whoever wants to “follow” you on the site.

So I started capturing the little happenings and moments of my day, keeping each one short because I had to. They weren’t necessarily things I’d write a whole post about on my blogs. Sometimes, I’d try to make my tweets humorous or thoughtful. Other times, I kept it simple and straightforward.

In the back (or even front) of my mind, I thought, “Who the hell cares?” But I started following others on Twitter, including friends, fellow bloggers, and random strangers. I found some of their tweets interesting. So why not?

Now, I’m just plain hooked. I tweet while waiting for my coffee at Starbucks. I check up on what my friends are up to by seeing what they recently tweeted about. I follow new people who seem intriguing, based on their tweets. I still don’t know why I like it. But I do.

WMAGs, do you Twitter? Follow me and I’ll follow you!


11 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Why I Twitter, I Just Do

  1. selfmademom says:

    I just joined too. But I want credit here, on this post that I got Robyn to join! I’m cooler than her… he he. Glad we can follow each other’s nonsense now!

  2. I thought you were anti-Twitter? Or maybe just conflicted. I’m confused…

  3. Twitter is all the rage right now and yes, totally addicting!

  4. I *heart* Twitter (I’m already following you – and can totally relate to your Starbucks stops!). I don’t always have anything interesting to say, but, such is life.

  5. I’m anti-twitter for now. I think it would be just another distraction in my already overloaded multi-tasking life.

  6. You are so right Cara. What am I thinking???

  7. Twitter is such a distraction but oh so fun. Everything addictive is fun, no? If nothing else, it’s yet another outlet for me to vent, rant, and ponder to an audience I cannot see, therefore must not please.

  8. I agree with Cara. Who has the time? Distraction at work? Has to be!

  9. I love Twitter. It’s like a party you can join any time, it’s not an obligation, it just…it just is what it is.

  10. just4ofus says:

    I don’t know how you guys keep up with all of that stuff.. and not look like one of the texting teenagers!

  11. I love Twitter. I follow you and Tela.

    I love having twitter on during big events like the AI finals, LOST, etc. it’s fun to read what everyone is thinking about what’s happening during the show.

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