I Got to Sleep In This Weekend

Remember those lazy weekend mornings (pre-kids, of course) when you could just roll over in bed, see the clock and the sun rising, and think “I’m just gonna snooze till I feel like getting up.” Sigh. Those were good mornings.

I’m definitely not a morning person, and having two wee ones who like to get up early (as all kids do) has been rough on me. I do my duty. I get up and feed them, change them, turn on Dora, pull out some toys for the baby. But my heart’s not in it. Mama’s TIRED. So tired…

This weekend, however, was different. In such a good way. The stars must’ve aligned, or perhaps I’ve built up my quota of karma points, or God just loves me a little extra right now — because my kids slept in. On Saturday morning AND Sunday morning.

I actually woke up when I felt like it (8:30, which is earlier than in the old days, but much later than a typical kid morning). The sun was already up. I felt fully rested. I was ready to embrace the day and my kids with a smile and a full cup of coffee.

Only then did I go up and check on my kids, who were just waking up themselves and in great moods. I couldn’t believe my luck! We proceeded to have fantastic, beautiful days, all of us, just enjoying each other’s company and the wonder of spring. Oh, if only every weekend could be like this. But at least I’ll have this one to treasure in my memories.

4 thoughts on “I Got to Sleep In This Weekend

  1. Congratulations! It's amazing what a difference a few good nights of sleep make!

  2. ***Amy*** says:

    Yes! My son slept in until 8am the other morning and I thought that the world had ended.

    How long until they are teenagers and we are pushing them out of bed??

  3. Angryworkingmom says:

    Do you ever have those moments where you wake up first (which happens like once in twice blue moon) and you leap up to make sure that someone hasn't massacred the family because that is the only way possible that both kids are asleep at 8:30 on a weekend morning.

    Just kidding and congrats on your wonderful sleep filled weekend!

  4. Ours slept in Saturday, too. I always feel weird when they do that, though. I wonder if I should check on them and know I'll feel really guilty for enjoying the quiet if something ended up being wrong…

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