I Have Two Kids Now

I’ve been super lucky to have so much help during the first six weeks since our second child was born. Our 3-year-old Cassie has been able to hang at her sitter’s house most days, while I’ve been staying home with baby James. Sometimes my mom comes over to help out too, and Hubs has worked from home a few times to pitch in or just watch the baby while I go out.

I’ve truly appreciated every bit of the help. It has allowed me to bond with James, recover from childbirth, and enjoy my evenings and weekends with Cassie, all while keeping the household from completely falling apart.

But this week, our sitter is taking a well-deserved vacation. No sweat, right? Enough of this coddling. I can handle two kids. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Well, the truth is, I can handle it. But damn, it is hard! Cassie is 3, so she’s pretty much go go go from sunup to sundown (other than her afternoon nap — thank God for that!) James is a newborn, which means he needs a lot of attention, between frequent naps. And today, I had the added pleasure of cleaning up a bed and kid covered in poo (even the best of the potty trained have their accidents, I guess) and a fresh pile of dog vomit. Lovely.

The reality of having two kids (plus a dog, two cats and a husband, of course) is starting to sink in. I know it won’t always be this hard, but I am so exhausted and it feels like I’ll never get to catch up. I’d write more, but quite frankly, I’m about to pass out on my laptop. I guess I’ll write when I’m old and sleep when I’m dead.

8 thoughts on “I Have Two Kids Now

  1. geekymummy says:

    It is tough with two, but it gets easier. I have to say that the first year of baby two was pretty hard, every day putting one tired foot in front of the other, interspersed with many joyful moments, of course. My baby is now in his second year, and I miss him being tiny, but we are almost back on our feet!

  2. Anonymous says:

    A story that is repeated a million times a day. People don't think before they want kids, they just have them. If people could get an advanced look on the exhaustion, mess, smell, and lifestyle change a little scrogg causes, there'd be a lot less abused children.

  3. I don't know how people with large families do it…I am exhausted with one. We definitely want another child but even the thought of having two is tiring! Hang in there (and share your tips with us once you've got 'em!!)

  4. Kim Moldofsky says:

    My boys are 25 months apart and I still feel tired looking back on those early days. You adapt, though. There's no choice.

  5. I have 4 kids and 2 step kids! I had the hardest transition between 2 and 3 because you're out numbered at that point. You only have two hands and there are three of them…

  6. Overwhelmed Mom says:

    I've been right where you are . . my oldest daughter was only 2 1/2 when my son was born.

    I thought it would be SO GREAT to be home on leave with both of them.

    Then reality hit – I wound up sending her to a sitter 3 days a week. She was bored out of her gourd watching me nurse/change/rock a baby all day long!

    Much easier this time around with my 3rd as my first two are now older – and in school all day!

    Enjoy this time – it goes by in a flash.

  7. It gets easier, but honestly, not until the baby is about a year old. That first year with #2 was slooooow going for me- fun, yes, but unbelievably exhausting, sometimes frustrating, and seemingly endless. But it does get better. Better enough that a few weeks from my baby's second birthday I am hankering to have another.

  8. gillian celestin says:

    I have two kids now, 3yrs and 6months old. Feel really tired all the time. Love children but will not be having anymore. I feel so sorry for our men who go along with our wishes of wanting lots of children and the stress that comes with it. After all this years of tirdness I have lernt that the need to have more children is what makes us human but we need to learn to be happy with our partners and lives by having the right number of children we can takecare of without going crazy and needing to work full time because we have to not because we want to. As women we need to stop over loading our lives with stress and start enjoying our husbands, children and life in general without the need to always be super women. If you chose to operate at this level of high stress for many years, one day it will catch up to us. The body is not a machine and will eventually breakdown if u don’t treat it with care. Only shearing my experience from one woman to another. Nearly lost my mind juggling it all for so many years.

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