I Love Mondays: And Other Confessions from Devoted Working Moms by Michelle Cove

I Love Mondays: Awesome Book for Working Moms

A couple of years ago, I confessed about how I secretly look forward to Mondays. It might have stirred up the teeniest bit of controversy–a tempest in a blog teapot, if you will—but somehow the comments got lost when we updated the blog design. My post even prompted our own Tela to respond with why she loves weekends (and Mondays, not so much).

Now there’s a new book on the topic, one that I think our readers will enjoy very much. That’s why I agreed to be interviewed for the book and provided a promotional “blurb” for author Michelle Cove. Without further ado, I give you:

The book "I Love Mondays" offers encouraging hands-on strategies for us to use right now to deal with the 11 biggest concerns for working moms today.

Here’s what Michelle had to say about her book:

My goal with I Love Mondays: And Other Confessions from Devoted Working Moms was to create an encouraging and useful book with hands-on strategies for us moms to use right now to deal with the 11 biggest concerns for working moms today. All too often we are told that we should feel lucky to be a mom and have a career we like; or that we shouldn’t feel guilty when work obligations get in the way of a family event; or that we deserve to be happy. These messages are nice, but what we need are ANSWERS that will make our lives run smoother, take down guilt and stress levels, and boost our parenting confidence.

You can also watch this trailer (which all the cool books have these days, apparently):

If I Love Mondays sounds up your alley, you can order it now. Read it while your kids are banging on the locked bathroom door, or while you’re forced to watch ANOTHER episode of Dora the Explorer, or when you’re eating lunch at your desk again, or when you sneak off on a weekend for a quick pedicure. 🙂


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