I Love My Quality Kid Time

One of the cool aspects of being a working mom is that the time I spend with my kids feels more precious, precisely because I’m not with them 24-7. I’m acutely aware that these moments count and I don’t want them to just float by unnoticed.

At the end of each work day, I look forward to picking them up or having them bound through the door when Daddy brings them home. (They’re always so dang glad to see me!) And while I readily admit to loving Mondays and the peace and quiet that come with them, I also cherish weekends for that nice, long stretch of quality time with my family.

This past weekend seemed particularly nice. Not because of any big event or moment. More like a serendipitous string of little things that added up to a warm, fuzzy mom glow. Among them:

  • Recognizing that my 4 1/2-year-old is really becoming a “big” girl — exhibiting independence and strong sense of self in so many lovely ways. She had an actual conversation with Santa at a local bookstore, not just a few seconds of wriggling and tears as in previous years.
  • Later, while in her bedroom for “quiet time” (we’ve pretty much given up on naps), I eavesdropped on her reading aloud from her 64-page princess book. The whole thing. My kid can read. Seriously, really read!
  • Making a Sunday breakfast for my family. Nothing fancy, just biscuits, scrambled eggs, bacon, juice. But a step up from weekday cereal, anyway. Everyone sat around the table, just enjoying the meal and each other’s company. I felt good that this was my own little family.
  • Later that morning, as I got ready for church, I asked Cassie if she would clean up downstairs. When I came down, ready to leave for church, she beamed with pride. The downstairs, which had been cluttered with toys, books and various kid detritus, was spotless!
  • And then, there were the on-purpose hugs and kisses from my 16-month-old James. The kisses usually happen when I’m holding him, and we’re face to face, and I say, “Can I have a kiss?” And he looks at me with those ridiculously huge brown eyes and leans in for a soft, sweet, slightly gooey smooch on the mouth. HEART. MELT. And hugs, not stolen but willingly offered, come when I’m sitting at his level, and he barrels toward me with arms outstretched. BAM! I’ve been hugged by a sweet baby boy. I got lots of these kisses and hugs over the weekend, and I sure did soak them up.

I hang on to weekends like that, in my mind if not in a well-organized scrapbook (ha!). They make this whole mom thing feel totally worth it.

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