I Went to BlogHer

As it was my first BlogHer, I didn’t know what to expect. I guess, also, after going to BlogHer, you’re supposed to recap.

Here’s my recap (and what I’ve been telling everyone and anyone who asks):

It was interesting.

Yep, interesting.

And you can take that however you want it!

12 thoughts on “I Went to BlogHer

  1. Hmmmm…I need to hear more!

  2. After the long post about how excited you were to be going that is it??!

  3. Kris… Email coming your way soon. I have something else to tell you too, but see below.

    Caroline… I don't mean to disappoint. If you really want something, I can write a longer recap sometime next week.

    I've just been EXTREMELY busy at work, and mang, the drama that was at BlogHer–I don't have it in me to process it and write about it after a long day at work. I felt pressure to post something, and my "interesting" post was it! Sorry to disappoint.

  4. Hey Tela. this is Cara's sister. Did you happen to catch Anya Marina? I think she played at one of the events Bowl Her? She is a good friend of mine.

  5. Hi Tricia!

    I was at Bowlher, and she was, too, (I think… supposed to be) but I didn't see her. Well, I saw her on the big screens before, but not her actual performance.

    Dang… wish I would've known you were friends. I would've made it a point to check her out.

    Instead, I drank too many Bud Lights (free… I take what I can get) and calling it a night.

  6. Andi @ udandi and the craft of money says:

    you could have included that:
    1) you got to hang out with one of Cincinnati's coolest (and only?) crafter bloggers there
    2) one day you walked around saying I don't know where my business cards are

    oh and that gift card for a certain jeans store you mentioned, I didn't get 🙁

  7. Drama? Like yucky, gross drama? I hate that kind of drama. So un-necessary, ladies!

    Assuming it was that kind of drama…

  8. Overwhelmed Mom says:

    Please tell us more! I'm thinking of going next year for the first time . . . but want to hear about the "drama" first!

  9. Didn't live up to your expectations?

  10. That's good news. How I wish I could attend the next Blogger.

  11. Shannanb aka Mommy Bits says:

    Great post – much longer than mine… which I still haven't written!

    Loved hanging out with you at BlogHer!

  12. Drama filled? That's enough for me! No worries about trying to write a longer post!

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