If This Were a Real Magazine, I Would Totally Subscribe

Props to my friend Jason Kramer, who shared this fake magazine cover via Reddit. It cracked me up, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Jason suggested additional article ideas like “What rash?,” “Popcorn and cheese for dinner: Why it’s ideal,” and “Bike helmets make my kids look like dorks.” His wife Amanda adds, “Shower every three days: No one will know” and “Wipe it on your shirt: Better for the environment than you think.”

What headlines would you like to see on the cover of Casual Parenting?

7 thoughts on “If This Were a Real Magazine, I Would Totally Subscribe

  1. This is awesome! Here’s one:

    5 Reasons why a messy house is better for your kids.


  2. Crystal Bullock says:

    Cereal: It’s even better at dinner time.
    How to wash your laundry using only Febreze: A guide to the second day wear.

  3. I so wish there was more of this attitude. Here’s one from a non guilty UK mother:

    Sparkling bathroom + dust free house + a kitchen floor you could perform a heart bypass on = allergic kids

  4. haha!!! this magazing was made for me!!!!

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