It Takes a Team to Raise a Kid

As a working mom, if I didn’t have a team of parenting/childcare mentors and helpers, I wouldn’t last a day.

Sometimes I forget I’m not the sole proprietor of this parenting business. I get so caught up in my schedule, my to-do list, my world, I don’t think about my “board of trustees.” Sure, I’m the CEO of Cassie Rose right now (along with my co-CEO, Jay). But without the board advising and supporting our endeavor of raising a kid, I’d be in the red.
Here’s the rundown of my board of trustees and how they contribute:
  • Karen, the Sitter: This is my right-hand woman. Not only does she take care of my kid while I’m at work five days a week, but she also provides much-needed advice and support all the time. She has two kids who are one and four years older than Cassie, so she has recent experience to share. She is flexible, caring, patient, and most importantly, adores Cassie. Plus, she is a wonderful friend to me.
  • Dr. Babs, the Grandma: My mom, whom we affectionately refer to as “Dr. Babs” because of her brilliant scholarly reputation, often watches Cassie on weekends or evenings. Sure, she has a busy schedule and a lousy back. But she’s there when we need her. She also loves Cassie about as much as we do. When Cassie does her crazy toddler routine, Mom reminds me that I was just like her at that age. And look how that turned out!
  • Church Volunteers: This is a rotating position, filled by kind people at my church who volunteer to hang out with the kids while their parents attend Sunday service. Cassie has been going every Sunday morning for the past couple of months, and the volunteers work with us to keep her safe, happy, and adjusted to the new (to her) setting of kids and activities.
  • Other Parents: I rely on the good humor, understanding, and words of wisdom from parents who have been there and done that. On any given day, these trustees could be my coworkers, my friends, strangers at a restaurant, or you, dear readers. It’s just nice to see a friendly face when your kid is throwing a fit or loudly listing all the things in the world that she doesn’t WANT ANYMORE.

Thanks, board members. I really couldn’t do this without you. Your dividends will arrive in about 16 years, when Cassie becomes a happy, healthy, and brilliant adult contributor to society.

Now WMAG readers, it’s your turn. Who’s on your board of trustees? How do they help you get by?

Update: If you want to really thank a key member of your board, nominate them for the National Thank You Day contest. The prize is $20,000! Plus, you get free chocolate just for entering. Hurry–contest ends tomorrow. And professional writers need not apply (boo).

2 thoughts on “It Takes a Team to Raise a Kid

  1. ShannanB aka Mommy Bits says:

    I’d be up a creek without a paddle if I didn’t have my Mom helping me with the boys. I love that she lives so close. It’s something I never had when I was younger – access to my grand parents.

  2. An army of people help us… including Nana, Grandma, a network of sitters, neighbors, and friends.

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