It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

in downtown Cincinnati. Heck, it HAS been looking a lot like Christmas in downtown Cincinnati. Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to get invited by Downtown Cincinnati, Inc., to check out all that the downtown area has to offer during the holiday season.

I jumped at the chance to go, because I’m not from Cincinnati originally, and am always curious what a “big city” has to offer in terms of entertaiment and enrichment ANY time during the year, but especially so during the holidays. (Also, quick background: I grew up in a town that was approximately 1 square mile, I graduated with about 60 other kids–59 of which I had known since kindergarden. I lived for things like this when I was young, and dreaming my way out of my small town.)

Anyway, Cincinnati sure doesn’t disappoint when it comes to activites during the holidays. Eee-gads! I knew about the Duke Energy train display from a friend and checked that out last year. And of course, who could NOT hear about the Cincinnati Zoo’s Festival of Lights? (This year they I hear they have Rappin’ Elves.)

But the list of what I didn’t know about goes on and on and on and on and on. And most a lot of the fun is free (what this financially strapped working mama loves best!) such the Holly Jolly Trolley rides courtesy of P&G (my child–like so many others–LOVES public transportation), horse-drawn carriage rides from Macy’s (another from of public transportation, this time with large horses–double whammy win for O!), a gingerbread display at the Hyatt (and while I enjoyed this one, I have to say O was more into the escalators. And I was OK with that–the further he stays away from the delicate gingerbread masterpieces, the better.)

This weekend, we’re headed back downtown for more fun and adventure. O really wants to ice skate (please help me) and every Saturday night there is a Santa who rappels down the 525 Vine Building complete with an accompanying fireworks display. After seeing how excited he got when Santa made a surprise call to him and AmyinOhio’s P on Tuesday during the ride home from the Cheryl & Co event, I can’t wait for him to see that.

We’re also planning to catch a show Holiday Follies at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, which I’m sure O will adore, and do some shopping. I really love the downtown TJ Maxx–I always find a good deal on something.

So we’ll be down there more this season, and if you’re looking for some free holiday fun, I suggest you check it out, too.

3 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

  1. I must echo Tela's comments about all the MANY awesome holiday things to do with kids in downtown Cincinnati. I don't recall doing much downtown when I was a kid growing up in the 'burbs, but I definitely want our kids to experience the magic of the Nati during the holidays.

  2. Me too. We've been so impressed with all there is to do downtown. We are heading down tomorrow to see Santa and the Holiday Follies show.

  3. A rappelling SANTA!!! Ok, you have to post pics of that!

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