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Working Moms Against Guilt has been publishing content for working moms since 2006, so we have a pretty extensive archive of great articles for you to peruse. If you’re fairly new, here are some of our most-shared posts you might want to read while you wait for that confirmation email to arrive …

A Working Mom’s Guide to Toddler Lunches

School lunch with alphabet blocks

Does your morning routine include packing your child’s lunch for daycare? Here’s a week’s worth of easy toddler lunches that require minimal prep time.

Easy Chicken Parmesan


Make this easy chicken parmesan with items you probably already have in your pantry. I love this dish because it looks impressive but it’s super-easy.

7 Smart Tips to Organize Your Office


A clean workspace is key to having an uncluttered mind and a great way to foster productivity. Here are seven helpful tips to organize your office.

This Is 36 Weeks Pregnant


This one’s for any mom nearing the end of her pregnancy and wondering how she’s going to make it. Stephanie shares the trials and tribulations of being 36 weeks pregnant.

Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

Portrait of happy young woman with newborn baby - indoors

Returning to work after maternity leave is a difficult and emotional challenge. Here are some tips for navigating back into the working world after a baby.

One and Done: For Parents of an Only Child


If you have an only child, how do you respond to questions about when/why you should have more kids? Follow this honest advice from a mom who’s been there.

I Can’t Be Your Supermom

Supermom Blog Post Image

No mom can possibly achieve the unrealistic expectations of a mythical “Supermom.” Here’s how you can “Lose the Cape” and redefine what being a mom means.

Guess Who? A Fun, Easy Baby Sprinkle Game


Looking for baby sprinkle game ideas? Here’s one that’s fun to play, easy to plan, and leaves behind a nice gift for Mom. Step-by-step and free printables!

An Experiment in Mothering Myself

happy young woman relax at home on sofa in bright living room and watching tv

As an overwhelmed, exhausted mother, Kristi decided to spend a week mothering herself. Here’s what she learned—and how you can adopt your own self-care routine.

First Day of Preschool: Smiles and Tears

Close-up of chalk house and highlighters on blackboard

The first day of preschool can be difficult for working moms but even harder after both mom and child have a complete meltdown before the day even begins.