Join the Self-Care Challenge — You’re Worth It!

Do you practice self-care? Personally, I kinda suck at it. Sure, I allow myself the occasional pedicure and night out with girlfriends. On typical days, though, I spend very little time nurturing my own physical and mental health.

Case in point: Thursday is my 34th birthday (ugh) and when I tried to think about what I wanted to do to celebrate, my mind went blank. Sort of like writer’s block. I am just not in the regular habit of consider what I’d like or how I can “live my best life,” as Oprah always talks about.

That’s why I am all about the 21-day Self-Care Challenge hosted by Drs. Diane Sanford and Ann Dunnewold, bringing women daily inspiration and practical self-care tips. The challenge officially started last week and runs through Oct. 26. During each day of the challenge, Sanford and Dunnewold are providing concrete, manageable, 10-to-15-minute strategies to help women develop this most important skill into a lasting habit. These women are licensed therapists and “real mom experts,” so they know what they’re talking about.

OK, so WMAG is a little late to the party. We can catch up, right? Just squeeze in a whole week of self-care into a day, and we’ll be right there with the head of the class.

Seriously, I urge you to take a look at the Self-Care Challenge website and explore some of the tips and exercises. I will do the same, and hope to share some of my own experience here on the blog. Please share the challenge with friends who could use a little self-care, too. We all deserve it, my friends!

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