This week marks an important change in my life. It’s my first week working for myself, and not for an employer. Yes, I left my job and decided to try to make it on my own as a freelance copywriter.

After seven years working at advertising agencies, I am finally ready to make the jump into freelance. (I’ll define “ready” in a moment.) The last two years, I worked a 30-hour week schedule. It was great and worked well for my family at the time. But with changing family demands the opportunity to go freelance seemed like now or never.

Becoming a freelance copywriter has been a goal of mine for a long time. But, before there was always a reason why I wasn’t ready. We needed a steady second income. We needed the health insurance coverage. I needed to secure more clients. Yep, pretty big reasons. And they’re still BIG reasons why I shouldn’t have quit my job.

But, something changed in me and I was no longer nervous about making the jump. I was determined as ever to make it work. What’s the worse that can happen? If I fail, I’ll just have to find a job working for someone else again. But, I’m so motivated to build a little business for myself; plus gain more flexibility that I’m not going to let myself fail. That’s right, I’m going to have my Mary Tyler Moore-hat-in-the-air moment and make it after all.

I’m excited and scared to death all at the same time. But, as I said before, the working mom can achieve anything she puts her heart, soul, and mind to. So hang on to your seats as I chronicle this new chapter of my life. And wish me luck—I need it!

18 thoughts on “Jump!

  1. You know I’m so excited for you! The past two years in my life have shown me that sometimes you just have to jump and the net will appear. I’m here for you to help out – one freelancer to another. You’re going to do great!

  2. A new chapter in your life – how exciting. I have no doubt you can do it. You are one together woman. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  3. Cara, I know you will succeed and be an inspiration to WMAGs everywhere. You rock!

  4. Cara, best of luck to you!

  5. Mommy Bits says:

    Congratulations Cara! That is awesome.

    You’ll need to send me your contact info. as we’ve used freelancers in the past. I’d much rather recco. someone I know!

  6. just4ofus says:

    Good luck! If you don’t try, you will never know. The world is not full of successful people who are afraid to take risks. It is full of successful people who did.

  7. Hooray for Cara! Working for yourself is great, and Sara is right, the net does appear!
    You ARE gonna make it after all.

  8. Yeah!!!!!! I am so proud of you. All you need is faith that it will all work out.

  9. BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) says:

    Good for you!

    I have the “go freelance” bug but want to wait until my youngest starts kindergarten (she’s 2 1/2 so it will be here before you know it.)

    Any way, congrats for having the guts to make the jump! Crank some old Van Halen and open some bubbly. 😉

  10. I wish I could do it. I am so fed up with corporate politics and stuff. I LOVE the work I do, hate the backstabbing BS and well, I could go on and on.

    I hope I someday have the guts to do what you’re doing. Congrats and good luck!

  11. Thanks, everyone! It’s nice to hear all the support.

  12. You are going to rock the house! If you don’t take a leap of faith, you’ll never know what could be. I’m proud of you.

  13. Selfmademom says:

    Very cool! Can’t wait to read about your adventures.

  14. Chiming in late–but I’m so happy for you and your family. You’ll do great.

  15. You go girl! With the combination of your talent and your motivation, success is inevitable!!

    LOVE the Van Halen shoutout. Queen of the Hairbands!

  16. meauxjeaux says:

    you will do some awesome! you’re so talented and creative, cara, you won’t need any luck. i’m so excited for you and your family! and i know this is just the first step in a long line of new and exciting frontiers you will master.

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