Just call me klutz!

Yes, we did actually join the gym.  I we were working out every single day while sticking to a healthy eating plan.  I got up on a Saturday with the plans to make strawberry and creme stuffed french toast with strawberry syrup.  Sounds fabulous, huh?  The kids were watching tv in the living room so I decided to grab the strawberries, cutting board and a bowl to slice all of them up while watching tv in my bedroom.  Relaxing, enjoying myself, preparing to make this wonderful breakfast – I finished up all the cutting, gathered the bowl up and was heading down the stairs.

Picture this:  Large bowl of sliced strawberries in hand.  Standing on the landing.  Step down with the right foot – which slides.  Left foot gets caught on the landing.  Strawberries fly everywhere and so do I!  One kid runs for a bag of frozen berries to put on my knee while the other rushes to clean up the mess that now lay all over the carpeted stairs.  Me – well, after letting a few words escape my mouth that never should have, I sit with a bag of berries on my knee while someone else begins a much less exciting meal.

Not only was the missing meal a disappointment, but when you work so hard in the gym, you could only hope that any injuries could be explained by “I over did it working out”.  But not me!

Orthopedic doctor: “So, let me guess.  You over did it in the gym?”
Me (head down): “I fell down the stairs.”

Me to personal trainer: “I can’t make it in to the appointment.  I am on crutches now.”
Personal trainer: “Did you do too much working out?”
Me (head down with a sign): “I fell down the stairs.”

Then, while being confined to bed or crutches, I lay in bed to see a small hole develop in my bedroom ceiling while squirrel nose and whiskers peek through! YOWSA!  I could only envision that thing jumping down and attacking me like a rabid animal while I am stuck in bed! hahahaha  Screaming, one of the kids ran up to put duct tape over the hole until I could get someone in to get the squirrels out of the attic – where they apparently had made their home!

Needless to say, cooking the healthy meals the past week hasn’t gone the greatest.  Kids have been helping, but now I feel bad because everyone’s healthy routine got interrupted. 🙁

On the bright side, if I was on reality TV, I think I would be a great comedy to watch! hahaha

Hope everyone else’s week went much better!

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