Let Sleeping Babies Lie

So, this has been a crazy busy week for me–more in the “personal” realm than work (although I’m equally busy there)–so I just wanted to post something cute and quick about my boy. Because everyone LOVES hearing stories about other people’s kids, right? Right!

Well, O has a penchant for talking in his sleep. It’s quite adorable. Last night he started mumbling something, sort of stirred, let out a little cry and called out for… wait for it… not “Mommy” or “Daddy” but “Daycare Caregiver’s/Teacher’s Name.” OUCH!

As he settled himself down to sleep, I got a little depressed and obsessed about what that could possibly mean: Has Caregiver all of a sudden surpassed me in comforting techniques?

Then I heard him mumbling something else in his sleep. This time he was sleep-talking “O-bo (which is a nickname we often call him) Running, O-bo Running,” (O-bo Running is a game he and I play–sort of a toddlerized combo version of tag/hide-n-seek.). And then I had a little giggle.

What else can you do? I might not be the only one he runs to for comfort, but at least I can create odd games he likes so much that he wants to play them in his sleep.

6 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Babies Lie

  1. Halfway through this year of preschool henry started asking me to “Rub my back like Ms. G” and “That’s not how Ms. G does it”! It stung at first, but I figured out I could ask Ms. G to tell him not to do things and he’d actually listen! She got him to stop sticking his fingers up his nose in a week- after I’d been working at it for months. You just have to use the power of the teacher/caregiver to your advantage. Mwahahahaha!

  2. “Daycare Caregiver’s/Teacher’s Name” is a very odd name – is that Scandinavian or something?

    I think his grasp of such a difficult moniker is really a sign of his genius.

  3. Imagine the gift of giving a child more than one source of comfort, a second line of defense as he navigates a big scary world. Sounds like a pretty awesome accomplishment, mama.

    And that comment before mine? Brilliant. What a treat I found here at WMAG!

  4. just4ofus says:

    I would feel the sting too! But that means he likes his daycare provider! And that always gives me peace of mind when I am dropping off my kids at the sitter!
    : )

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree with ‘just4us’, that it is a sign that he likes his caregiver. At least it wasn’t a scream of fright or anquish as he was saying the cargivers name…now that would worry me….

  6. I wouldn’t worry about it. Usually sleep talk is just nonsensical, sometimes comical. I should know.

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