LG Decoy from Verizon Wireless

If you’re a working mom, you have a mobile phone. (Actually these days, if you’re an American with a pulse, you have a mobile phone.)

But the question is, do you have a cool mobile phone? One that lets you do more than just make phone calls and text messages–like take photos and videos, check email and listen to music, and even give you driving directions? All with a built-in detachable Bluetooth headset? A phone like, say, the LG Decoy from Verizon Wireless?

OK, if your phone isn’t that cool, don’t feel bad. I had a POS mobile myself until this spring, when I got the itch for a major upgrade. (You can read all about my fabulous experience with an LG enV if you’re curious.) After enjoying the benefits of what a cool mobile can do, I was offered the chance to try out another phone from Verizon, the LG Decoy (199.99).

One major cool factor the Decoy offers is a built-in headset. It’s so nice to be anywhere, anytime and have that at your disposal. No need to pack a separate headset for your multitasking chats while driving from the sitter to work, or during your late-night grocery shopping. It’s right in the phone! However, it may not fit in your ear as well as separate headsets, which usually come with multiple sizes of ear pieces to choose from.

I also like how slim and compact the Decoy looks, especially considering how much this phone can do. You can slide it open and shut easily. When the phone is shut, you can’t see the number pad, only the screen and a few directional buttons. I guess that’s why they call it a Decoy–it’s deceivingly simple-looking, but quite powerful.

As for what the Decoy does, you’ve got a 2.0 megapixel digital camera and camcorder, perfect for capturing both office shenanigans and cute-kid moments. You can stay connected to work via email (and voicemail, of course) and keep up with your BFFs on IM. Load it up with great tunes for listening while you wait in line or when you need a boost at your desk.

And–best feature ever–opt for the GPS functionality so you can have VZ Navigator at your disposal. Never get lost again! Seriously, my life has changed forever since I started using VZ Navigator. It has never steered me wrong.

One thing I missed with the Decoy vs. my usual enV phone (now there’s the enV2, priced at $149.99) was the QWERTY keyboard. You know, like a regular computer keyboard instead of the phone number pad? If you do much texting, Twittering or typing of any kind, the QWERTY makes it a heckuva lot easier. But I know some of you are masters of the number pad, and if that’s your bag, go with a Decoy. It’s slimmer and trimmer, plus you get that headset.

So moms with crappy mobile phones: What are you waiting for? You deserve a cool phone today. And whatever you do, try to get your employer to pay for it (or write it off on your taxes).

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