Like the Jeffersons, We’re Movin’ On Up

Something about adding a fourth member to your family makes your house feel a lot smaller, doesn’t it? Since we carved out space for baby James last summer, our modest (read: tiny) Cape Cod home has seemed so crowded and tight. Like we’re constantly running into and over each other as we make our separate ways through the house.

I’m sure my shift to working exclusively from home didn’t help these matters, either.

And so, we’re joining the crazy race to sell our house before the often-touted home buyer tax credit (extended to April 30) expires.


We’re hoping to move into our new house before we sell our own (it’s a long story — too boring to blog about), so right now we’re packing like crazy. As difficult as I recall moving was seven years ago when we moved into this, our first, house, that ain’t nothing compared to packing and moving with young kids underfoot. Is anything?

As I sort through seemingly endless piles of our crap, I’m trying to keep my eyes on the prize: a home with more room to breathe, dance, crawl, play, cook, work. It will be so nice. But for now, I’m up to here in cardboard boxes and trash bags. I can’t wait to be all unpacked, moved in and — just maybe — living in an organized, uncluttered home. At least for a few minutes, please?

1 thought on “Like the Jeffersons, We’re Movin’ On Up

  1. Lisa Woodruff says:

    Yeah Susan!

    It will be sooo worth it! I can't wait to see your new set up!


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