Listen to me on the radio!

Sara here! Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m going to be on the radio Tuesday evening. “Your Time with Kim Iverson” invited the ladies of WMAG to speak about “why being a working mom is great,” so I offered to give one mom’s perspective.

“Your Time with Kim” airs at the following times in the following cities:

AUSTIN – KAMX (7pm-Midnight)
BUFFALO – WTSS (7pm-Midnight)
DENVER – KALC (7pm-Midnight)
INDIANAPOLIS – WZPL (7pm-Midnight)
Kansas City – KKSN (7pm-Midnight)
MEMPHIS – WMC-FM (7pm-Midnight)
NORFOLK- WPTE (7pm-Midnight)
PORTLAND – KRSK (7pm-Midnight)
WICHITA- KFBZ (6pm-11pm)

Don’t live in one of those areas? Just click on one of the links and you can listen to the show live. Podcasts also are available afterward at

Wish me luck, and listen in!

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