Local Blog Networks: Getting the Family Friendly Scoop in Your City

Searching for more family-friendly resources in your area? Here are 3 parent-focused local blog networks to check out (and maybe even join as a publisher).

Blogs have been providing many moms with much-needed support and advice for a decade now (WMAG, included). My hometown, Cincinnati, is blessed with a number of awesome independent blogs that focus on local happenings and family fun, such as Family Friendly Cincinnati (which I’ve contributed to many times), MasonMetu, and 365Cincinnati.

But not every town is overflowing with family- and parent-focused blogs, so I like seeing new networks that encourage more regional content for moms. Here are three locally oriented, parent-focused blog networks you might want to check out.

City Moms Blog Network

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I first came across City Moms Blog Network last fall when I started seeing moms from my neck of the woods sharing Cincinnati Moms Blog articles. Some of the content is universal and could be appreciated by moms from any city, while other pages and articles focus on locally oriented subjects such as summer camps, photographers, kids-eat-free deals, and events.

A sampling of their articles I’ve enjoyed recently:

The “sister sites” of CMBN are written and run by local moms, for local moms. The network helps their members with resources and training, as well as a community of support. Currently, 23 states offer CMBN blogs in areas such as Phoenix, Denver, Orlando, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Wichita, Boston, Detroit, Las Vegas, Portland (Oregon), Nashville, Dallas, Houston, and many others.

I really like that the network was founded by women, and is run by women—many of them moms. I also think it’s cool that they’re helping moms start their own home-based businesses (by starting a sister site for their city) and work together to be successful.

Check their site for a complete up-to-date listing by state and city to see if your area has a City Moms Blog. If you don’t see a site for your area, why not apply to start one?



This growing network of websites connects parents to the best kid-focused events, businesses and deals in their local community. Founded in 2010, Hulafrog is part daily event calendar and part parent-rated business directory for more than 100 markets, representing 2,200 cities in 28 states.

Find your city’s Hulafrog here. Don’t see your town represented? Hulafrog is accepting applications for new publishers to start a site in your area.

I’ve enjoyed getting a heads up via my local Hulafrog on a variety of “local things for kids to do” (their motto). Each day, you’ll get an email with their local picks for things like a cool city event, save-the-date alerts to plan ahead, and a weekend guide. Nationally, they publish super-handy guides for topics like back to school.

The Hulafrog company was also cofounded by moms and “powered by parents,” tapping the growing segment of today’s workforce that is searching for family-friendly, work-from-home career alternatives. I’m all for that!

Macaroni Kid


Last but not least, there’s Macaroni Kid, which publishes weekly, hyper-local e-newsletters and websites featuring events, activities, products and places for moms, kids and families. They host local events and parties and connect with their communities via social media.

Each community is managed by a Publisher Mom (or Dad), who’s considered a “go-to” parent in their community.

On top of 500+ local editions (search for yours via the state/city menu at the top of their website), Macaroni Kid publishes seven national editions focused on special interest content: travel, fitness, food, safety, baby, military, and national.

I like that they feature a family-oriented nonprofit each month, such as this one on the National Diaper Bank Network. And as with the other two networks, Macaroni Kid is helping moms connect with each other as well as support their families with flexible work.

Searching for more family-friendly resources in your area? Here are 3 parent-focused local blog networks to check out (and maybe even join as a publisher).



2 thoughts on “Local Blog Networks: Getting the Family Friendly Scoop in Your City

  1. Okay, we’re biased … but we love that Macaroni Kids featured National Diaper Bank Network as its nonprofit of the month! Especially with the approach of Diaper Need Awareness Week, Sept. 28 – Oct. 4! #DiaperOn!

  2. I came across this article, and wanted to say thank you for the great list! We joined the Macaroni Kid franchise and started our own Macaroni Kid North Ft. Worth, and are LOVING it! I love that the Macaroni Kid franchise lets you be the best publisher and community resource AND the best resource for family-friendly business owners at the same time 🙂 #MacKidNFtWorth

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