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Once you have a handle on being a mom, it's time to lose the baby weight. But you might find it tough to do your pre-baby routine to get a hot mom body.

I am not one of those women. The ones who can eat whatever they want and stay the size they want. This doesn’t stop me from continuing to eat what I want. But it did stop me from staying at my ideal size. I’ve never been good at dieting, meaning not eating In-N-Out and brownies, so it’s always had to be about working my @$$ off to burn those extra calories.

Motherhood is a game changer

I figured since I understood the exercise-calories=lose weight equation, and that I was pretty disciplined with working out, after having my kid I’d resume my fitness habit and get right back into my favorite jeans.

Except, no.

Habits, no matter how disciplined you are, change after you become a mom

Let me pause here and say I would never, ever, EVER, under any circumstance, change anything about becoming a mom or my path to motherhood. Ever. Ever.


I LOVE BEING A MOM. It’s the best thing ever. The most amazing blessing in the world. I’ve gladly retained a few extra pounds to get those sweet hugs and kisses—while they last. That was where I felt my time was best spent. To each her own.

But now that I’ve got somewhat of a handle on this mom thing, it’s time I bite the bullet and finally lose the baby weight. (We’re talking years later.) However, I can’t do the same routine I did before baby, which was exercise two days after work and two days on the weekend.

So, what’s the solution to get a hot mom body?

There’s always, always a solution

After you have a child, how do you get back into shape? Here's how I did it ...

But, I wasn’t motivated to workout. I had too many other balls in the air to balance while I adjusted to momhood. Work. Laundry. Afterschool activities. Life. I’m still catching up on lost sleep during the newborn, infant, and toddler years. BUT! This year I decided it was time. Since I’ve gotten several mom years under my belt, I’m ready to focus and throw a couple more balls in the air.

Instead of getting up at 5am to prepare before my kiddo wakes up, I’m getting up at 5am to work out.

But not everyday. That was the problem right after my baby was born. I started this solution many times before … and also justified stopping it many times. The problem was setting expectations too high for myself on top of my other responsibilities and obligations, and wait for it – not being patient.

Within the past year someone said that God must laugh at me all the time because I’m always trying to speed things up. Funny how my sense of urgency gets me ahead in my professional career but fails me miserably personally and physically.

So, God, I hear you loud and clear. Slow down. Be patient. You didn’t build the world in a day, and you even took a day off to rest, so I’m learning from the world’s best leader ever, you.

In the professional world, leaders say you’ve got to set goals. You have to know what you want to accomplish in order to measure your success. Well, that s*!^ doesn’t apply to losing baby weight. It just doesn’t. Take it one freaking day at a time. Set realistic, small attainable goals. If you have an unexpected mommy crisis one day, get back on the wagon the next day. Wagons don’t go fast, so you can catch up.

My realistic goal is getting up 3 days a week at 5am. I’ve been doing it for three weeks, and while I detest losing precious sleep, it’s working. On my off days, I get a reward. Sleeping in till 6.

Look out.

Losing baby weight ain't easy—but it IS possible. See how I did it.

So, working moms with guilt, cut yourself some slack. Yes, we can do it all, but it’s not good for your mental or physical or spiritual health. You can and will lose the baby weight, when it’s the right season to do so for you and once you customize a plan that’s right and realistic for you.

I’d love to hear from other moms who lost the baby weight several years later. Let me know what worked for you, or what didn’t.

You can also get some amazing tips on losing baby weight from a fellow WMAG blogger.

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8 thoughts on “Hot Mom Body

  1. I love this post, i could have written it myself. You inspire me.

  2. Love this, and thank you for it! Several true, just no BS statements that just hit home perfectly. Coupled with what you discuss, I struggle with deciding what to do to workout – used to go to gym, go to yoga, etc. but with drive time and needing to be back to get breakfast/school ready – I can’t really go anywhere. Any at home fitness actually work?

  3. Hi Christie,

    I am one of the lucky ones who can (within reason) eat want they want and still remain an 8-10 UK size. But now if have kids it’s not about the size, it’s about being fit and healthy.

    What’s the point of being my ideal size if I can’t keep up with my boys! I have wanted to squeeze exercise in for months but I really find it hard with my current schedule.

    I fill as though I could have written this myself because when I do have free time I can just about keep my eyes open

    Any suggestions, any one


  4. Oh I so agree with this! It is tough as a mom but seeing all of the inspirations from all around the internet I get inspired to workout. I still can’t get used to early morning workouts. I tried to get up at 5 am but just need that extra 45 min of sleep (it’s all a mind game I tell you!)

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