Losing My Mind

I am losing my mind, folks. Let me paint the picture for you.

School’s out.

Sitter has the week off. Much-deserved, of course.

Baby James has a miserable cold. AGAIN. He just got over one like a week ago.

Hubs has debilitating back pain that basically keeps him from doing anything to help with the house or kids (no end in sight on that one, I might add). Yes, I am sympathetic. But can I get a rental husband/dad or something?

Cassie is dying to go out and do fun stuff, but I can’t take her most places, because her baby brother is uber-contagious with a constant snot faucet of a nose.

All of the above means we’re stuck at home, and I am pretty much on my own. The house is a mess and I can’t clean it up, because I’ve got an 18-month-old tearing things apart right after I put them together. I can’t get any work done because I have two little monkeys hanging on me as I type. And I don’t even have my nights free, because baby boy wakes up a bunch of times (the cold).

I am so not cut out for this. Is anyone? Soooo looking forward to next Monday. I know, bad mom, bad mom. ACK!!!!

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