Maintain Close Friendships


Friends are good for belly laughs, honest advice, genuine sympathy, and good ol’ sanity. Even with a baby and a job, you need to maintain some semblance of a social life. How, you ask?

  1. Weekday lunches with friends. These take the place of after-work cocktails (though I plan to do those again someday!)
  2. Weekend playdates with friends who also have babies. This way, our kids can learn to socialize while we catch up.
  3. Phone calls on the way to or from work. Yes, I know talking while driving can be dangerous! I only do it when the drive is easy (like on the interstate when it’s not rush hour).
  4. Invite friends over for dinner. No babysitter required, and once we put Cassie to bed, it’s just like old times!
  5. Hit the mall or park. Cassie enjoys the view from the stroller while my friend and I chat it up (and/or shop).
  6. Phone calls and emails during nap time. Sometimes, instead of doing chores around the house, I reconnect with friends while my girl snoozes.

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