Management Training Starts at Home?

Working parents who take an active role at home tend to be better managers at the office, according to a new study as reported today in Forbes.

Researchers interviewed hundreds of managers and executives about their home lives. They also discussed the participants’ work performance with coworkers, bosses, and direct reports. “Those who were committed to family life achieved significantly better reviews,” the article says.

Why? Forbes lists 10 excellent reasons why parents make better managers:

  1. Family time relieves stress.
  2. Family teaches you to play well with others.
  3. Parenting = Multitasking
  4. Parenting improves your self-esteem.
  5. Marriage requires negotiation.
  6. Raising kids is leadership development.
  7. Leaving the office helps you find new ideas.
  8. Family helps you bounce back.
  9. Children help you develop patience.
  10. Spouses teach you to compromise.

Any of this resonate with you? Has being a mom helped you excel at the office?

3 thoughts on “Management Training Starts at Home?

  1. Mommy Dearest says:

    Great blog. I’ve linked you off my page. I’ll be back – especially for thsoe Tuesday night recipes. I’m a big fan of “Desperation Dinners,” meals in 20 min or less.

  2. I sure hope it has! And I’m gratified to see that somebody is recognizing all the ways that being committed to family *helps* in the workplace.

  3. I think being a mom has definitely helped me as a copywriter in advertising. I have insight to the mom-target, because I’m a mom. I amazed at how one of my ordinary mom duties, like cleaning out the toy box can spark a good ad idea that I can bring back to the office.

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