Marriage Mojo Got Up and Went?

I couldn’t resist posting this casting request, because I predict the show is gonna be BIG and of high quality. Please consider submitting your story if you don’t mind putting your bedroom “bizniz” all over the TV. Or if you’d rather just discuss anonymously here via comments, that’s totally cool, too. — Susan

A national television show is seeking married couples who are looking to revive the passion in their marriage. It’s become a common– and often unspoken– reality where spouses find themselves failing to commit the time and effort to maintaining their intimacy with one another.  Between juggling friends, family, work, and kids making time for sex can seem like just another thing to do.  In fact, millions of married couples battle this very issue.

So if the intimacy between you and your spouse is suffering and you want to get your sex life back on track, contact us and share your story. We are searching for real couples who want to discuss their struggle and improve their relationship.

Submit your story by email to:

6 thoughts on “Marriage Mojo Got Up and Went?

  1. What tv company is this with?

  2. I’d love to submit the Duchess and me. Will have to work on Mr. Lee and the Duke!

  3. Really I mean REALLY. I am all for spicing up the sex life or giving it a little kick start, ok some may have to get out the jumper cables. but Really on national TV. Why don’t you just do it on the front lawn and ask the neighbors to give you their feed back. I’ll even cut the grass shorter so it won’t jab you in the…. Really.

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